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May 19, 2009 02:09 PM

Glastonbury's New Deli's

I just had lunch at the Mustard Seed. That is the new sandwich shop (I would not really call it a true deli) that replaced Pickles and Semolina's. It was decent enough. Not quite as pricey as Pickles was which is good. I had one of their specialty sandwiches and it was good. The sandwich came with a side. I chose macarni salad which was plain but tasty enough for me (I don't like over mac salad with lots of stuff in it). The only problem I found was the bread. It is suppose to be on a "knotty roll" but it was really nothing more than a day old not-so-hard roll. The roll was cold (almost refrigerated cold) while the rest of the sandwich was hot. Subway's bread is betterbecause at least it is freshly made.

I have not been to the Green Bean yet. I dorve by and it looked busy which is good. I will try to get there soon though. Has anyone been to either of these two places yet. If so what do you htink? Jay

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  1. Thanks for reporting back about mustard seed. I grabbed a menu the other day and am looking foward to checking out soon. I have only been to the Spicy green Bean in Wethersfield but absolutely love it. Everything seems housemade and creative. The daily specials always seem creative. I am so happy to have it here in town now. The soups are wonderful!