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May 19, 2009 02:07 PM

Rehearsal Dinner Suggestions?

Hi, I'm getting married this August and need to start thinking about our rehearsal dinner. I think it's going to be around 40-50 people and the dinner will be on a Friday. We are getting married on the west side so ideally it should be anywhere from Culver City to the Beach. Any thoughts? Ideally I'd like to keep the cost per person around $30-$50. Thanks in advance.

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  1. outdoors on the patio at il moro? typhoon (on the runway of santa monica airport)?

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    1. re: JE33

      the last dinner that i went to at il moro ended up costing substantially more than $50/pp all told.

    2. If you want to spend $40-$50/person, some advice--either pre-order wine, so you stay in your budget, or put a limit on the drinks (i.e. 2/person). People LOVE to drink at celebrations-nothing will run up the bill quicker. Or make it a rehearsal lunch-people don't drink as much and food prices are generally lower than dinner.

      1. So I thought long and hard about how to accommodate a rehearsal dinner of that size. I finally decided to have it at MANNA - Korean Bbq in k-town because it was flexible and they could hold large parties. It's a fixed price and people can eat as much as they want.

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          If this were my rehearsal dinner, I'd stay away from Manna as the floors are slippering wtih grease and the entire restaurant is outdoors, so people smoke. The smoke from cigarettes and the grills really clings onto your clothes. Also, attentive service may be lacking as this place gets packed and is very fast-paced when busy.

          1. re: waterisgood

            slippery floors and smoke aren't an issue if you take up the whole patio with your party of 50 guests!

            with the big guest list limiting your restaurant options, why not have it catered? if it were me, i'd rent one of the rooms at the Olympic Collection (Sawtelle and Olympic) and have Yashima next door do the catering.

            11301 W Olympic Blvd Ste 210, Los Angeles, CA 90064

            1. re: roxymonoxide

              50 guests would only take up 1/4 of the patio space. And the oil and grease spill onto the floor no matter who is there. Anyway, again, it gets way too smoky under their patio cover.