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May 19, 2009 01:48 PM

Trattoria della Nonna-Lunenburg NS

Another great meal here this past week! the service was wonderful, the wine (a Chianti) really good and the desserts inventive.

I dream about TDN's calamari when I am away from Lunenburg...I don't know how they get the spicing so balanced.

Hubby had the Indian Point Mussels (its the mussel festival time on the South Shore of Nova Scotia): so plump but could have used more bread to soak up the garlicky, fennel scented sauce.

I had the osso bucco and they even remembered a little pointy spoon to get the delicious marrow out of the bone! Hubby had scallops on linguini and slurped it back.

This place deserves to be packed and probably will be "in season" so make reservations if you are thinking of going June to September.

But I have to confess, its kind of fun to go off season and get all of the nice young waiter's gentle attentions...

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  1. Awesome! My Husband and I just moved here, and will be going on road trips this summer, so thanks for the great suggestion =)