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May 19, 2009 01:25 PM

East Village: New Eats?

I've lived in the East Village for several years and now work down here. Trying to find a new restaurant to try with my friend. I feel that I am a creature of habit and go to the same restaurants all the time

I would love some suggestions.Open to all cuisines.

To give you an idea of what I like in the area:
Saigon Grill
26 Seats
The Mermaid Inn
Soba Ya

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  1. Do you like Setagaya, Minca, etc.?

    Have you tried Hearth, Belcourt, Prune, JoeDoe, Jimmy's No. 43, Nori, Grand Sichuan, Kyo Ya, Porchetta, Baoguette, Redhead?

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    1. re: kathryn

      I visit Grand Sichuan (St. Marks) often too. I also visit Cafe Zen (Japanese) quite often. In addition, a few other places you can try are: Hasaki (Japanese), Lan (Japanese), Go (Japanese), Veselka (Eastern European/Ukranian), Haveli (Indian), Saint Alp's Tea House (bubble tea place but they have decent Taiwanese dishes/snacks), Dok Suni (Korean), and Tsampa (Tibetan).

    2. Dirt Candy, Graffiti, Terroir, Degustation? I have not been to Dirt Candy or Graffiti, they are next on my try list.

      I have only been to Perbacco and The Mermaid Inn on your list. Belcourt is a good.

        1. In addition to the places mentioned:

          Supper and Cacio e Vino for Italian; Kamui Den for general-purpose very good Japanese; Soba Koh for soba and other things (and it has a lovely ambiance). Since bearmi mentions Veselka, I'll mention Ukrainian East Village in the Ukrainian National Home, which has a somewhat faded Old World charm.

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          1. re: Pan

            Second UNH. Pierogi like babci used to make and they still hand grate their potato pancakes. It's the place for ethnic comfort food when you're not watching carbs. Pan's "old world charm" description is spot on.

          2. I really love Yerba Buena, its just a little too expensive. Westville East, everything on that menu is good and well priced. Also, delivery from them travels extremely well and they are really, really quick. I back Kyo Ya too as Kathryn suggested. That place is great. Another expensive one though. I want to go to Butcher Bay on 5th bet A & B but I've heard that it's really just not that good which would be unfortunate.

            Sleeper late night tacos... Zaragoza Mexican Deli. Had no idea what went down in this place until someone tipped me off. Great tacos. Super cheap and they make them with love.


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            1. re: iFat

              I find "Westville East" an off-putting name. Why couldn't they have named it "Eastville"? :-)

              1. re: Pan

                I love all these ideas. I've been wanting to try Yerba Buena for a bit. I tried making a reservation @ Prune because I've never been there and they have the special $15 burger and bloody mary however they are closed for a private event tomorrow.
                Thanks so much for the input!