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May 19, 2009 01:01 PM

Worst octopus ever at Molivos

I just returned from a lovely trip to Montreal for the long weekend and I had to post about a horrid meal I had at what I was told was a decent Greek seafood restaurant. Am I crazy?? Is this the way Montrealers like their seafood?

The grilled octopus was billed as the star menu item and I was excited to try it. But when it came I was so turned off, I ended up taking a couple bites and sending it back.

It was the consistency of mush. Kinda like eating raw tofu. Now I know that many places overcook octopus to the point of rubber. But this was the other extreme. Fatty and mushy. In my opinion, octopus should have a bit of a bit and some meaty-ness to it.

The waiter was very nice about taking it back and not charging me...but he did say that he tried it and that in his mind it was done to perfection.

Am I crazy? Is this the way octopus is eaten in Montreal?

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  1. "Am I crazy? Is this the way octopus is eaten in Montreal?"

    Too bad you did not go to Ferreira Cafe instead - Portuguese seafood. I was there last Saturday. The calamari was grilled to perfection - with a bit of a bite to it, and a definite meaty texture, as you would have liked. There is also octopus on the menu.

    So, no, this is not the way octopus is eaten in Montreal.....well, not everywhere.

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      1. I had octopus 3 or 4 months ago at Molivos and it was firm but not tough, completely non fatty and rather tasty. I don't know why the waiter would say that fatty and mushy octopus would be considered to be perfectly cooked. I had fatty and mushy served to me one time at the usually very reliable Sirene de la Mer and practically gagged on the first bite. What you received is, in my opinion, not at all the way Montrealers would want octopus served.

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        1. Molivos is one of the city's oldest and most respected seafood restaurants and as such they probably know a thing or two about octopus. Just because the octopus wasn't to the OP's taste does not necessarily mean they don't know how to cook it.

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            yes you are right about it being an older restaurant, i looked it up on google and i do recall having lunch there several years ago and although i dont recall the meal i do recall the atmosphere and service as being satisfactory/warm But octopus is still a dish that does not always succeed, also calamars but less so. I have often been disappointed with fish in Montreal restaurants including wellknown ones.

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              If it's one of the most respected seafood restaurants, what's the deal with the server trying his leftovers and telling him there was no problem with it? Sure they didn't charge him, but holy mac... waiters would be fired on the spot if managers found out about giving sass at any of the places I worked.

              1. re: Shattered

                Was more the cold shoulder rather than sass. They couldn't wait to get me outta there fast enough. No one offered to send me another dish....or suggest another entree. They just said that it tasted fine to them and brought me the cheque.

                Funny enough the place was more than half empty....only about 3 tables of seniors eating their "regular" meals as I surmised by the conversations with the waiter. So it wasn't like they needed my table for anyone.

                1. re: jrabbit2727

                  Out of curiosity other than the aforementioned octopus what else was horrid about the meal?

                  1. re: eat2much

                    Didn't really have much of a chance to have anything but the octopus before I was ushed out. I started with a house salad, which was fine. Nice dill dressing. But nothing special.

                    The "grilled bread" that waiter said would be brought to the table was basically toasted white bread. Most likely came out of a pre sliced plastic bag covered loaf. Very Denny's.

                    So ...truly by horrid - I suppose it was just the octopus and the bread. But that was enough for me.

                2. re: Shattered

                  I had a restaurant *owner* come out, taste my food and tell me it was done to perfection before. It's not totally uncommon for waitstaff to support the kitchen's abilities, but there's definitely a fine line of a right way of going about it!

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