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May 19, 2009 12:49 PM

Seattle- cheap n cheerful AND COFFEE near Ace?


Calgary hound here, eagerly looking forward to his first time in Seattle since 1985(!) this coming Saturday, have a week at Ace Hotel (loved, loved the one in PDX so giving this one a spin). I'll be on my own and like ethnic, esp Mexican which is thin on the ground up here, but also just about any stripe as long as it's good value, anything unpretentious and casual enough for shorts and runners (and comfy for a solo diner); and am a huge coffeegeek whose tastes run to places like Stumptown. I like to walk and would love to hear suggestions.

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  1. You are close to pike place market. Check out posts for pike place market for a lot of good cheap foods.
    Also you could take a long walk or hop on a free bus to the international district and hit up spots like Green Leaf and Tamarind tree for vietnamese, Samurai Noodle House for Ramen, Phnom Phen noodle house for some nice cambodian cuisine. A lot more in that area too. Also head to Salumi in pioneer square for cured meats and sandwiches that are world class. Salumi is only open tue-fri and has long lines so get there at 10:45 am...Its worth it.

    1. Macrina Bakery is a good breakfast option near Ace.

      1. For Mexican you are fairly close to El Puerco Lloron, on the Pike Place Market hillclimb. Downtown coffee is dominated by the chains (because of the high rent I guess) but I like Caffe Umbria and Zeitgeist, both near Pioneer Square. If you're a coffee geek you should head up to Capitol Hill for Vivace. You could actually walk, or bus.

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          There's also a Victrola just up Pike from the convention center that's worth a stop.