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May 19, 2009 12:35 PM


I shall be dining shortly with a group of 6 at Casa Napoli on St. Laurent, just south of Dante. I searched this board for feedback on this resto but found nothing. Does anyone have any info on what I can expect?? Thanks.

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  1. IMO, Casa Napoli is overrated and I was never too fond of their establishment due to the food-for-dollar ratio. I don't find you get your monies worth there althought the cuisine and service is quite satisfying.

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    1. re: StellasDad

      I was not impressed although my partner liked it. I did not like the service I felt i was being stared at all the time, little privacy. I think it was overpriced as well but i didnt pay for meal.

      1. re: wilmagrace

        Thanks to you both. I shall let you know my impression as it was not my decision to dine there.