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May 19, 2009 11:39 AM


I'm being treated to lunch tomorrow and in view of the lovely weather, I'd like to eat outdoors. Can anyone recommend someplace good- I'm open to all types of food and would prefer to keep the price moderate. TIA

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  1. Was looking forward to the replies on this one, but maybe Metro Detroit is too broad an area. Could you narrow it down a bit?

    That being said, my experience with al fresco dining is in Ann Arbor, where half the sidewalks are now taken up with outdoor patios.

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      I'd like to stay in the Novi, Farmington Hills area, but Bloomfield and Southfield are also ok.

    2. In which area of metro Detroit will you be?

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        Oops, looks like someone beat me to the 'post' button! : )

      2. I have no idea where you live in the "metro" area, but outdoor dining at the Royal Park Hotel in Rochester is very nice. Their patio sits along the Paint Creek in an area with lots of trees. I went there twice last summer to celebrate my birthday.

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        1. re: grouper

          > I went there twice last summer to celebrate my birthday.

          Fish have two birthdays per year? <g>

          1. re: rainsux

            LOL...I just enjoyed it enough that I went a second time, when offered. It was a "big" birthday.

        2. Try Comparrie's in Plymouth. It's right across the street from Kelogg park on Main Street.

          1. I'm going to suggest the Henry Ford Estate - Fair Lane in Dearborn. The lilacs are in is really nice this time of year and the U of M Dearborn runs a restaurant in what used to be Henry Ford's swimming pool.

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            1. re: momskitchen

              Ah, The Pool! I *love* The Pool! The food's pretty good, but nothing of major consequence, but the setting, especially on a nice, sunny day is nothing short of spectacular. I've loved this place all my life...I used to go with my mom for lunch here and meet my father on his lunch break, which was *very* rare and special! Even with that wonderful nostalgia, the setting is completely unique, and I'd even say breathtaking at times, when everything's in bloom. Indoors or out, I love The Pool.

              It's a lunch-only place, but worth a trip. The food won't necessarily blow you away, but it'll at least be good. Now that you've mentioned this place, I'm dying to go again! Thanks momskitchen! :)

              1. re: boagman

                Boagman - I agree the food won't blow you away but they have a quiche of the day that's good and the have some interesting salads lately, too. GIve it a try and let us know what you think.