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May 19, 2009 10:33 AM

dress code North Pond/Graham Elliott?

I am coming to Chicago this weekend with a friend and we have reservations at North Pond and Graham Elliott. What is appropriate attire? Are dark jeans/dressy tops ok?

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  1. Nice jeans are definitely ok at Graham Elliot. North Pond is a little dressier, but I'm almost positive I've seen people there in jeans (I don't wear jeans there, but that's just me). You can always call and ask.

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      My wife and I dress dressy casual at North Pond. No coats and ties, and for me nice slacks and a shirt or sweater. That also holds for many of the better restaurants in Chicago. While I usually wear a coat and tie to places like Carlos's in Highland Park, I have seen people there in sweaters so just be comfortable. Don

    2. I usually wear a suit when I go to North Pond. Most of teh other men were wearing at least a Jacket. Most of the women were in dresses or suits as well. Definitely no jeans.

      You can probably were whatever you wish at G-E though shorts are probably not a good idea.