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May 19, 2009 10:32 AM

URGENT!! Need help with my bbq sauce NOW!


I thought I would try my hand at making bbq sauce ... thought it was good but as it sits it keeps getting acidy. How do I make the acid go away?

Adding more honey seems to make it worse. (thought it would help!)

I don't know what to do

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  1. A little more info about what else is in there would help someone diagnose your problem...honey with a ketchup base? what?

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    1. re: pitu

      Yeah, so what. I like to experiment and make up my own stuff. (and combine recipes) That's what makes me an awesome cook!

      Anyway, I got ketchup, mustard, brown sugar, mollasses, honey, balsamic vinegar , penzy's Galena Street Rub (" Southern-style seasoning, with hints of sage, nutmeg and cayenne"), ginger, cinnamon, and Dilettante (Seattle) sipping chocolate mix

      It was taking awhile to get replies, so I addes a little butter (appx 2T) and 1c boiling water and brought back to a boil ... It is much better now and for someone who has never made it before, it is quite good ... not perfect, but I think it was a very successful first go.


      1. re: boisenewbie

        boy, given the ingredients it seems more like you're tasting "heat" from the cayenne plus dry rub than acid. could be the sharp taste of heavy molasses, too. the balsamic might sweeten up as it cooks.

        once the base has melded, i usually adjust bbq sauce with brown sugar, rice vinegar, salt, and hot sauce. if it is waaay off, add more ketchup and build again. i just bang flat don't use molasses any more.

        1. re: silverhawk

          Maybe you are right - but I didn't add that much of the rub (only about 1T for the big pot) also not that much molasses either ... mostly brown sugar and honey.

          But yeah, I should have had a better plan ... I guess that is what experimenting means though. I always feel things have to be perfect on my first try - and sometimes they are not.

          The butter and hot water really helped though and I got it on a few slabs of ribs as a "mop sauce" It smells pretty darn good.

          I am going to do it a little differently next time.

          1. re: boisenewbie

            well, a big part of the whole idea is to have some fun. sounds like a success on that score.

        2. re: boisenewbie

          cooking it was probably the most important part, that tends to mellow the acid in vinegar quite a bit.

        1. I like to make a hybrid prepared/ homemade sauce. I slow cooked some pork shoulder. Put on a dry rub to crust up the outside..was tender and juicy inside.

          Anyway..had some Sweet Baby Ray's sauce..Too sweet. So I heated it up with some apple cider vinegar to give it some bite and thin it out a bit (and dilute the sugars so it wouldn't burn.)

          Then I added a few dashes of Frank's Red Hot..some Worchestershire sauce and mixed it all together. It was a good combo of sweet and vinegary..but had good body, stuck to the pork great.

          1. Brown sugar/ I use canned tomato sauce, vinegar, brown sugar red pepper, and some mustard.
            Water, and I adjust as it cooks. Oh and I do use a lot of pureed caramalzied onions.

            And it has to cook quite a long while. But as someone mentioned. Tell us what's in it?

            1. Just pretend it is a tangy North Carolina style sauce. :)