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May 19, 2009 10:09 AM

Cape May Seafood Markets?

I'm heading to Cape May this weekend, and renting a big house (with a big kitchen) with two other couples. Can anyone point me the direction of good seafood markets (or other food markets) in town? The only thing I've found is the Acme supermarket, and I'm sure there must be local markets along the waterfront. thanks!

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  1. The best seafood market is at the Lobster House . They have a website as a restaurant and seafood market. They also have a fantastic deck area in the marina to enjoy their takeout and raw bar

    1. Ditto on the Lobster House for seafood - the restaurant is mediocre (the raw bar is fine, though) but the market is good.

      The Acme in North Cape May is significantly larger and offers better shopping options than the one in Cape May proper (it also has a liquor store inside the supermarket and there's another next door; there's also Collier's liquor store in town).

      The best butcher we've found is the Westside Market, a small grocery/butcher on Broadway in West Cape May. If they have apple pies (don't know about this time of year), they're really good. There are produce markets - Duckie's on Broadway north of Westside Market is good - but I don't know if they're open yet or what they'd have this time of year.

      Also in West Cape May (on Park Blvd), there's the Seaside Cheese Company, which sells cheeses, olives, prosciutto, etc. AND decent bread (hard to come by in Cape May); they're recent arrivals and we were happy to come across them last summer:

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        Sorry about being repetitive but YES the Lobster House Seafood Market is by far the best! It's right over the bridge. As I am sure you will be PACKED this weekend so be prepared to grab a ticket and wait in line!

      2. Thanks so much for the responses! We're getting there on Friday afternoon, so I'll be sure to go to the Lobster House asap to try and avoid the holiday rush. And, thanks, striver for all the advice on other places, too!

        1. Thought I'd report back about the seafood market. I went to the Lobster House and was a bit disappointed. My biggest surprise was that all the fish is filleted -- no whole fish options. I've never been to a seafood market where I could get a whole, cleaned fish. The selection was heavily weighted toward the big fish (swordfish, tuna, mackerel, etc), which I try not to eat since it's mostly endangered and also high in mercury. Also, the wait was unbelievable - you weren't kidding care11. We waited about 50 minutes just to have our order taken (this is a market counter) -- though we did show up at 5pm on a Saturday. Finally, they insisted on calling cherrystone clams "littlenecks". Having grown up on Cape Cod, I assured them that littlenecks were soft shell white clams with "little necks" sticking out.

          We did go to the Seaside Cheese company (which was also packed), and got some good Stilton and blue. They also had homemade bread crumbs, which I used to bread some of the fish fillets.

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            Sorry you were disappointed. Come to think of it, I guess you are right regarding the whole fish thing. We always tend to get the same things there...flounder (SO fresh), clams that we bring home and steam in white wine, butter, lemon, garlic, shallot and parsley, their salmon, and fresh lobsters. We've always liked their selection, freshness and prices. I guess it just depends what you are looking for and what you're used to. We ate on the boat there a few weekends ago and had the spicy shrimp, calamari and french fries (for the 2 yr old) and we loved every last bite of it. The atmosphere always helps! We stay away from there on "official summer weekends" though b/c it does get so crowded!

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              I know I'm late, but for future New Jersey we call small hard shell clams cherrystones or little necks/top necks, depending on size. They are not the soft shell clams described above, at least not in New Jersey. They have always been called that and if you go online you will be overwhelmed with info on our littlenecks.

            2. I know this is an old post...but I LOVE H&H!!


              The scallops are so good!!!