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May 19, 2009 10:03 AM

Mua - Oakland

This is currently my favorite place when I'm craving a burger. The Acme buns are the best and the fries are good, too. The meat isn't quite at the level of Cafe Rouge (I think they grind some aged-beef trimmings in with the chuck) or Zuni, but it's very good.

I haven't tried anything else yet except the brussels sprouts in brown butter, which are great. Nice selection of beer and wine, full bar.

I like that they're open late, though call first since the kitchen has no fixed closing time.

I started a new topic to put the name in the title. Here's the previous one:

I'd never have guessed it had anything to do with Soizic, which I don't care for.

2442A Webster Street, Oakland, CA 94612

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  1. Ah thanks. May I ask what the fries are like? Steak fries size? Shoestring? "Frites" size?

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    1. re: PegS

      Classic American, like McDonald's for grownups. 1/4", unpeeled.

    2. Also good are the short ribs, braised lamb cheeks and glazed black cod (think small plate portions for sharing).

      The only dud so far for me was their original mac & "cheese" as in where's the cheese? Too much like stove-top cooked vs oven-baked. The most recent version is cheeseless.

      1. Thanks for the report...I'm always looking for new places to try when heading to Oakland for shows at the Fox/Paramount.

        1. this place is fabulous! great burgers. fun folk. good drinks

          1. Good tip! Have you have the burger at Side Bar? I wonder how this compares with that one. I didn't care for the Cafe Rouge burger that much, mainly because of the bread.

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            1. re: abstractpoet

              Cafe Rouge switched to Acme buns a while back.