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May 19, 2009 09:37 AM

Cheese, crackers & provisions near Scarsdale

I'll be in Scarsdale on Thursday & would like to pick up some provisions for a little cheese tasting-type picnic. Any specialty cheese shops in the area?

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  1. The Hartsdale Cheese Store-About 2 miles North. East Hartsdale Ave, just West of Hartsdale Train Station.
    Apple Farms on Tarrytown Road can have some nice cheeses as well.-Cash only.

    1. I second the Hartsdale Cheesery. Their cream cheese with caviar is amazing. However if that is too far out of the way Balducci's has a nice cheese selection.

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      1. re: annrudy

        Nearest Balducc's is over near 5 corners in Heathcoth. About 3 miles or so east of Scarsdale Village.
        But then again, OP never indicated where in Town of Scarsdale they are going to be.

        1. re: Jon1856

          I'll actually be off the Hutch - Exit 23N (Mamaroneck Ave)

          1. re: lollypop

            In which case Balducc's is closer.
            A trip to Hartsdale, however, may just be worth it.

      2. If you're going to be in Scarsdale village, you want to stop by Michael's Gourmet Foods. Really good selection and great service. They are located v near the train station.

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        1. re: BAFU

          While Michael's is nice it has a must smaller selection than Hartsdale.
          And it seems that OP is going to be on the West side of Scarsdale Village.
          Not all that far to travel...