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May 19, 2009 09:34 AM

Any urban eats in and around Golden, CO?

I will be at Golden, CO on business. are there any good urban eclectic eats in and around Golden or Denver? I would love to hear some traditional japanese places where I can get Ankimo. Also, any tapas and wine places would be great.

Thanks in advance.


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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Friends in Golden have been raving about the restaurant the Sherpa's opened in Golden. They enjoyed Tandoori Yak meat among other things.

      Sherpa House
      Restaurant & Culture Center LLC
      1518 Washington Ave.
      Golden CO 80401 USA
      Tel: (303) 278-7939

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        I just went To Sherpa's 2 days ago and it was great!

        Grappa in Golden serves tapas, but I haven't tried it. Have had lunch there and wasn't impressed, but it was when they first opened. Maybe they're better now.

        There is a realatively new small winery in Golden--Vintner's Cellar. I tried it when they first opened and it was okay. The wine needed a little aging, I thought.

        There is a great little brewery in Golden that I recommend, if you're into microbrews: Golden City Brewery.

        For traditional Japanese, try Domo in Denver. I don't know if they have Ankimo.

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          Several of us went to Grappa last Sept. It was good, but not knock-out great, and the service back then was amateurish. See Another possibility is the Bridgewater Grill across the street in the Golden Hotel. It has evolved over time, but I haven't been there recently either.

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            I was at Sushi Tazu in Cherry Creek in Denver last night and saw Ankimo on the menu. I didn't ask if they normally had it available. Tazu is not my favorite sushi place in Denver.

        2. A good place in "suburban" Golden is Ali Baba Grill for Lebanese/Persian food. They added a fancy second room to add more space to the plain Jane initial restaurant room. The food is wonderful and the service is slow. Friends often order carry out via phone to avoid the wait for food.
          Ali Baba Grill
          (303) 279-2228
          109 Rubey Drive F
          Golden, CO 80403

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          1. re: former minnesotan

            Thanks for recommending this! I was wracking my brain trying to remember the name. Food there really is memorable and worth a visit! I've only ever been there at off times, so it's really good to hear the warning about slow service during "normal" eating times. Thanks again!

          2. Folks, I appreciate everyone chiming in. I just got back from my trip to Golden, was fantastic; pretty much chow and hike to burn of the chow off ... I was first shocked and let down to see everyone look alike and seeing no culture spots for the first few days, was close to a depression. I was proved wrong in south Denver; people still looked alike but food spots were amazing. Anyone who hasn’t been to Pearl St in south Denver near Washington St side must definitely add it to their agenda.
            Pearl life starts at the intersection of Louisiana and ends at Iowa, which is probably 4-5 blocks but it’s been a week and half and I am yet to cover all the places and their incredible menus. Here is a list of pearl st merchants

            My favs,
            1. Izakaya Den – Sushi, tapas and sake ... nothing wrong with the combination. The owner of Sushi den, right across the street, spun off this new eclectic, hip and modern while still catering to a traditional audience like yours truely. They have a private chartered flight bringing in fresh catch every week right off the pond from Japan to Denver, so all the fishes are fresh. Ankimo, toro, hotate, amaebi etc were fresh and incredible …. Fridays and Saturdays; Nobu San serves traditional Omakase crowd, I missed this one. Most crowds showing up don’t know the difference between sushi and sashimi, for such an audience they have an incredible and interesting Japanese tapas menu. Very interesting……
            2. India’s pearl –open for just over a year but the owner thrives on bringing in an interesting medley of wine with modernized touch to traditional and tandoori food. They have interesting chef special menu; my fav off the special menu is halibut but every item is to crave for. The wine list is incredible and very wallet friendly, infact there is a wine rack to walk over and pick a bottle. They have a martini lounge upstairs; Fridays and Saturdays gets interesting … local bands and belly dancing (!?!
            )3. Black Pearl – it’s a new American style restaurant … food is great but I would rather go here for wine and cheese. Very good wine list but not as wallet friendly
            4. Budapest Bistro – Talk about an interesting appetizer and dessert menu. Cozy place but very interesting food. While here I did an assortment of appetizers every item tasted so good. Right next is the Pajama bread house, on my list for July ….
            5. Coffee Haus – Very interesting coffee house period
            6. To the other part of town there is Jerusalem’s, which is open almost 24 hrs (closes 3-4 hours) and caters middle-eastern. This place reminds me a lot of Nahariya square in Israel.

            I feel like I like I did injustice to Pearl St by listing just a few places. I am making another trip in July to try and wrap up Pearl.

            Back at Lakewood, probably 5-10 mins from Colorado Mills Mall, was Mad Greens. It’s a nice lunch place. They have an array of interesting salads and sandwiches. The folks who work here seem dyslectic mixing up orders or getting orders wrong but the salads were amazing. Make sure you get the spicy yogurt dressing with warmed up pita bread on the side, it’s pretty incredible. Right next door is starbucks to lounge …

            Heartbroken to learn my favorite peaberry coffee house went out of business …sigh! Don’t fall for Tokyo Joes …. Oy whey!

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              Old South Pearl's no secret. There's also Park Burger, Gaia Bistro, Lincoln's Roadhouse, and the Village Cork (not to mention a couple of bar-and-grills). Lots of posts on my blog about all of these places. The coffeehouse is called Stella's, and the bakery's Pajama Baking Company.

              Black Pearl is my neighborhood go-to but I agree with you completely—I have often said that the wine list prices are out of line with the food prices.

              Not sure what you mean by the lack of culture and the observation that everyone looks alike. Since your OP emphasized Golden, I think people were trying mainly to give you recs for that area; in fact there are lots of "culture spots" all over Denver. OSP's just one of many.