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May 19, 2009 09:01 AM

good chocolates, DC

Any good chocolatiers in DC? Or perhaps a shop offering fine chocolates from various makers (sort of like Cocoabella in San Francisco)? TIA.

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  1. Biagio Chocolates on 18th St...lots of fine chocolates.

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    1. re: Jacey

      Definitely second this. They have some fantastic chocolates and the staff is really friendly and truely passionate about chocolate.

    2. ACKC and Moonstruck Cafe
      Moonstruck Cafe is in Tysons Galleria -- ACKC is in Logan Circle, but also has a location in old town Alexandria.

      I used to work at Godiva, I can tell you Godiva's not the top of the line, but it is much better than Harry & David and Lindt. Lindt is disgusting.

      ACKC Cocoa Bar
      1529 14th St NW, Washington, DC

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      1. re: discojing

        I've sampled some of the chocolate at ACKC and don't think it's that high quality. They don't have many high-end/gourmet brands.

        Dean and Deluca has a lot of high-end chocolate brands

        1. re: discojing

          Moonstruck was closed last time I was at T II.

        2. I'm a huge fan of Leonidas - not that they are unique to DC but I think they are the best available locally. They have a store on Wisconsin near Dean & Deluca so you can comparison shop.

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          1. re: sfirestone

            Leonidas chocolates are my favorites, plus they have four varieties: butter creams, pralines (which they are famous for), ganache, and truffles. None better plus less expensive than most competitors. Locally, Artisan Confections in Arlington, VA makes some great sea salt caramels. If you are not looking for variety, but are looking for high quality local, that is your best bet.

          2. Locolat at 1781 Florida Avenue NW. Husband and wife team makes their own Belgian chocolates and pastries.

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            1. re: Hungry Panda

              Ooh, thanks. That sounds especially promising.

              1. re: Hungry Celeste

                I have definitely preferred the chocolates I've tried at ACKC to Locolat. I was not at all impressed by the truffle or macaron I sampled there, although the waffles are tremendous. I find the place has an odd smell, which I find quite off-putting. Is it just me?

                1. re: hamster

                  Funny, I have the exact opposite feeling about ACKC. Every filled chocolate and truffle I've had there seemed a little old and dried out. I finally gave up on ACKC in strong favor of Locolat and Biagio.