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May 19, 2009 08:59 AM

New In D.F.-A Few Questions

Hi All,
I have recently moved to DF from San Francisco and have been reading this board to get oriented food wise. Can you all please recommend any other food blogs or boards for Mexico? I read Spanish pretty well.

Also, do you know where I can buy pork belly, and what I need to ask for in Spanish? Panza?

Thanks for you help. I hope to be a regular contributer here once I get settled and get my bearings.

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  1. Try asking for *panceta* (pahn-SEH-tah), or even *tocino no ahumado*.

    Your best bet for sourcing this is a butcher who can order it for you from his wholesaler, even if he doesn't usually stock it. Now that my butcher here in Morelia knows me (and vice versa), he regularly brings me things I ask for that he doesn't normally carry. It just means asking one week and buying the following week, since my butcher is only at my weekly tianguis (street market).

    You'll want to read Mexico Cooks! (link below).

    We look forward to your participation here!


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      Thanks Crisitna, your blog is amazing. I am a blog/board fiend and will be reading yours regularly.

    2. Try Mercado San Juan... this is where the Chefs shop... the vendors there carry everything from local crawfish, to Foie, to Pork Belly, to Pata Negra, to Abulon etc.,

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        thanks for your quick responses....i've been to san juan and will go back...and I can actually spell contributor

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          Did you find Pork Belly?

          Also try asking for Suadero de Puerco.

          1. re: Eat_Nopal

            I did, thanks. The butcher on the corner of Mazatlan and Antonio Sola (I think) near my place. They were able to have it for me in a couple of hours. Had to buy the whole 4 kilo piece....around MXP250....but I froze what I didn't use. Am headed to San Juan this the place.