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May 19, 2009 08:35 AM

Best italian sub in the area

I usually judge a sub shop by how they do their italian. My local favorite just changed owners and the difference is noticeable. I didn't know they could make bread sooo without substance, weight or heft. I have been a frequent browser and I haven't seen anything on italian subs. Anybody have reccomendations. I live in the Pratville side of Chelsea and work in Malden.

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  1. I got an Italian at Vinny's on Broadway in Somerville yesterday and it was killer. Not as big as you may find some places...but very fresh ingredients, and the bread was excellent. I'll definitely going back...also I'm curious as to what their "super" is. The small/large super are each a dollar more than the small/large Italian - so maybe it just has more stuff on it.

    Also, mine pictured below was extra on the hot peppers.

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      Fecalface seconds Vinny's at Night. Fecal has had a variety of subs from Vinny's, but the Italian stands out. They use what seem to be high-quality imported cold cuts, but the sandwich is quite cheap. Also, their tomatoes are always incredible (even in the winter). Fecal attributes the tomatoes to Vinny's having 'an effective procurement process'.

    2. There are a number of threads out here on this topic -
      Sort of in your area - Bob's on Main Street in Medford gets my vote.

        1. I have gotten rolls and cold cuts at Pace's in Saugus to make our own subs- and both the rolls and the meats were delicious. You can get subs there, so I am sure they would be great, too.

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            I am a huge fan of the Italian subs at Pace's!!!! The meat is nice and fresh and the toppings are delicious. But the bread makes the sub! It is a fresh braided sesame roll. Delicous! My only criticism would be that the are a tad too small, but plenty for the average eater. I eat a lot and/ or like to have left overs. This sub is easily devoured in a sitting. I am intersted in Bob's in Medford and Anthony's in stoneham too since I live in nearby Wakefield. Will definatley give them a try.

          2. I would recommend trying a jumbo Italian sub from Bob's in Medford. Bob's jumbo subs come on a large braided roll. Their Italian subs are packed to capacity with quality ingredients. You won't go wrong by going to Bob's.