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May 19, 2009 08:32 AM

Best Baltimore find for under $10

The wife and I are looking to economize our trips out these days. Fortunately for us, we live in Baltimore and there are plenty of good cheap options out there. Where is your favorite meal / food item for under $10?

It can be an entree in a casual bar, a small plate in someplace upscale or a stall item from one of the markets. What are we missing out there?

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  1. My hubby and I are in very much the same economizing mode these days!
    Sunday morning Baltimore farmer's market- Omlette guy- made to order with veggies, cheese and meat with a side of potato for $7
    Iggie's pizza on Calvert street- depending on how you judge ($10 for one or two folks?), approx $15 pizza feeds two people and it's BYOB
    There is always a picnic- grab one of the excellent, made-to-order sandwiches from Eddie's of Roland Park and find your favorite al fresco spot! A favorite with us - and our puppy gets to come along!

    1. The shrimp souvlaki sandwich at Samos. Cheap and delicious!

      1. The fried tilapia sandwich at Mamas on the Half Shell, it is large, delicious and $8.95.
        For $10, the "TV Dinner" at the bar at Henningers Tavern, it comes on a metal army tray with compartments, includes dessert and can be roast chicken, BBQ Pork, etc.
        1/4 chicken from Chicken Rico, with 2 sides it's $5.25

        1. Tortilleria Sinaloa on Eastern Ave -- tacos for $3-ish each plus $0.50 for very nice fresh guac. I'm full after 2 tacos (though my boyfriend eats 3).

          Also, I second the suggestion for the super economical dinner from Chicken Rico option. I think a whole chicken plus 2 family sized sides and drinks is still less than $15; a half chicken plus 2 sides is about $8.

          1. I think Ale Mary's is still doing their blue plate specials for $4.95, changes each day