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Camellia Grill, wheelchair accessable?

I am having breakfast at the Camillia Grill this week, are they wheelchair accessable? The chair is small and fits through all standard size doors and under most all tables.

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  1. No, it is not accessible. Camellia Grill does not have tables, just a t-shaped counter with fixed stools for seating. In addition, the stools are a good step up from the floor, and the interior space is extremely tight. Also, restrooms are up a short flight of stairs.

    1. Does anyone have a good breakfast suggestion in New Orleans that would be accessable?

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        Are you looking to stay in the same area of town as Camellia Grill, or does location not matter?

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          Cafe du Monde is accessible, though it has only Beignets, coffee, milk, water and hot chocolate. I think that Brennan's is accessible, though it is expensive. Court of the Two Sisters is accessible, but the food is mediocre, despite having one of the best courtyards in the Quarter.

          Also, I think I remember that the Camelia Grill had some steps just to get in, so definitely not accessible. Same with Petunia's, which has nice breakfasts. You might call and find if they have a back entrance with a ramp.

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            I may be wrong, but I think anyplace in a hotel would be accessible. People seem to really like breakfast at Luke, which is in the Hilton on St. Charles.

            Slim Goodies on Magazine would be accessible, or if you want a diner more like Camellia Grill you could try Clover Grill in the 900 block of Bourbon St.

          2. Blue Plate Cafe seems like they would be accessible, but I can't say for sure.

            1. A few places I know to be wheelchair accessible for either breakfast, lunch or dinner:
              Cafe Du Monde, Mother's (Not my favorite place, but people seem to like it and it is wheelchair accessible) and Bayona (You must call ahead and there is a small step but they will provide assistance. Places in the FQ such as Cafe Maspero's have doors that open to the street and no steps so that may work as well.

              1. We are in the same situation. Upon reflecting on the access (over years of patronage), we decided that M-I-L in her wheelchair would just not work.



                1. Almost all of the hotels in the New Orleans area are wheelchair accessible. So a hotel restaurant might make a good second choice.

                  Here is a partial list of breakfast places in the New Orleans Uptown/Riverbend area. You could call ahead and check with them for accessibility.

                  1. Audubon Golf Club House: 6500 Magazine. 212-5280.
                  2. Big Shirley's: 1434 S. Carrollton Ave.. 504-862-5858.
                  3. Bluebird Cafe: 3625 Prytania. 895-7166.
                  4. La Madeleine: 601 S. Carrollton Ave. 861-8661.
                  5. Oak Street Cafe: 8140 Oak. 866-8710.
                  6. Slim Goodies: 3322 Magazine. 891-3447.
                  7. Surrey's: 1418 Magazine. 524-3828.

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                  1. Have they changed it? Before Katrina, we took our wheelchair bound friend there with no problem. Am I thinking of a different place? We went there for the wonderful hamburgers. Please let me know if I have this mixed up!

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                      yeah, i wouldn't write camellia grill off if you really want to go there. i would be surprised if they didn't have some method of accommodating someone in a wheelchair -- a back entrance, maybe, and a temporary table. maybe not, but a phone call would clear it up.

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                        I definitely think this is worth a phone call. Camellia Grill has been around for 60 years. I doubt that they just say "tough!" to now-elderly patrons who have been going there all their lives and now use wheelchairs. I recommend calling during the daytime, when a manager or owner might be around, because they're the most likely to know the procedure for helping someone in the door.

                      2. What about Stanley, the newish sibling of Stella, on Jackson Square? Luke?

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                          I would expect them to be accessible because they're new. Newer places have to be in stricter compliance with the ADA, so they should be overtly accessible or should have a formal plan in place to help someone get into the restaurant if need be.