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May 19, 2009 08:26 AM

Houston Pie (dessert) recommendations

Can anyone recommend a good place to get pie in Houston? Doesn't have to be a restaurant, can be a "pie shop" (Flying Saucer etc).

Had to mention "dessert pie" not pizza, just in case of confusion.

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    1. You already mentioned Flying Saucer . . . so? Go get a pie or two! I think they are far better than HOP, but that's just my opinion. I was recently privileged enough to have the leftovers of a strawberry and a key lime pie from there. Boy, it was hard to eat anything but pie until it was all gone!

      1. Agreed with both posters. You really can't go wrong with either House of Pies or Flying Saucer Pie Co. I don't particularly like one over the other, but I'm also not really big on pies.

        1. Pecan pie at BB's Cajun Cafe, just tried this and thought my fav of all time was Royners (not in Houston) but was wrong. BB's would be a good place for a cup of coffee and some pie. All the food is great and very sweet little business. We had table of pecan pies instead of wedding cake, so I am on the outlook for pies all the time.

          Coffee Toffee Pie at Marks.

          1. Try the apple pie from Barnaby's.. Made for them along with their other cakes by a company in the Heights,,,, this apple pie is classic.. Warm a slice up in the micro, lop a couple of scoops of Amy's vanilla ice cream on top and ur set!