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May 19, 2009 08:22 AM

Thoughts on Rouge Tomate?

Has anyone been here? Any thoughts?

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  1. Guessing you watched that Gossip Girl ep as well?

    1. don't know anything about Gossip Girl - but have been to Rouge Tomate. It was very nice - the food did feel healthy and taste good - very important to me; however, I did find it expensive and (no right or wrong here - just personal preference) a little too UES nobody's forehead moves - it felt pretentious for lunch - now, if it were dinner - well that I would understand <g>. In sum I really liked the food - but not the vibe.

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      1. re: calconscious

        i thought it was definitely overpriced.

        1. re: calconscious

          What did you have when you ate there?

          1. re: KiwiGirl625

            probably not a good thing i absolutely could not remember without looking the menu up online, eh? i had the tuna poke app and halibut. they were serviceable but, as i said, way way overpriced. i think they are trying to be a very high-scale restaurant when they just.. aren't, food and service-wise. i had a tasty cocktail and the space is very, very pretty. so perhaps it is just a nice place to get a drink.

        2. I ate there awhile ago and don't remeber what I ate, either--and it is expensive and they tried to charge more on the bill than what was shown on the menu-I only caught it because my wife had said something about the cost of one of the dishes when I said I was going to order was, like, $3 more on the bill...they took it off once I mentioned it, but really...
          I'd agree the space is pretty nice-maybe a drink, and dinner elsewhere.

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          1. re: David W

            went last night and didn't like the space itself -- too big antiseptic and EMPTY. but the food was fantastic, right from the amuse shooter of asparagus soup, not rich just the essence of vegetable. my wife started w/white gazpacho special which didn't seem esp. spanish and was actually green but tasted of almonds and I don't what else. I began w/heirloom tomato and watermelon salad, also include cukes a few olive slivers and a crumble of mild feta. perfect.
            she had the farotto w/porcini and spring veg as an entree, smallish portion but very filling and enjoyable (I didn't sample this) while I had the duck sous vide, w/greens parsnips and a wedge potato roesti that wasn't the usual buttery gutbuster. (disclaimer: I am not as enamored of fat/richness as many chowhounders, so take this w/a grain of salt or pat of butter). the duck was straight forward and perfectly textured, medium rare w/o rawness.
            washed it down w/a tasty glass of granache (her) and a well-executed gin martini (me).

            somewhat pricey and probably not worth a special trip to east midtwon, but we were pleasantly surprised by the quality of food.

            1. re: mcoleman

              we really liked all the food we had, but found that dining in a giantly huge overpriced restaurant at about e20% capacity killed the experience. we kept talking about how there is no way this place will stay in business for long.

              1. re: Snaps

                exactly. maybe it's a business lunch spot? still it seems doomed...