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Produce/Groceries in Brooklyn Heights?

I'm new to New York (just took a new job) and am living in Brooklyn Heights. I hear that the grocery selection is pretty limited. Where's a good place to do most of your grocery shopping? I'm most concerned about fresh produce and meat. I live close to the Gristedes on Henry but am finding it a bit overpriced.

Any thoughts and recommendations would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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  1. I believe you'll find everything in Brooklyn Heights overpriced. Grocery shopping in southern Brooklyn (i.e., Bensonhurst) is much more affordable and varied. 18th Avenue (the N or D train will take you there) has some nice groceries and Italian specialty bakeries and salumerias.

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      If huntress wants shopping in Brooklyn Heights, why send her far, far away?

      For groceries, Key Food is acceptable... Gristides is a rip-off. For produce, Garden of Eden has a nice cheede department, and some good produce. I like the Korean Market on Atlantic better, and it is cheaper.

      If you have a car, or can go with a friend, Fairway in Red Hood can't be beat.

      Sahadi's has good quality nuts, grains, and dried fruit, as well as some prepared Middle Eastern Food. Damascus Bakery, next door, bakes many different kinds of Pita that is always fresh.

      I think it is worth the extra effort to walk over to Staubitz Butcher on Court Street. The quality and freshness is outstanding, and the personalized service is great. They are actually cheaper that th butcher on Clark Street, and have a much greater selection of cuts.

      Don't miss Fish Tales on Court Street for the freshest fish and seafood, as well as wonderful service with a smile, They will shell your shrimp, filet your fish, even poach a whole salmon with a few day's notice.

      Welcome to the neighborhood, and good luck!

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        Don't forget the little vegetable market next to Sahadi's

        ALso if you are going to get into a car and you want produce check out 3 Guys from Brookyn on 65th St and Ft Hamilton Parkway

        And of course the Greenmarket. There is one a Borough Hall that goes all year

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        For italitan specialty shops closer by, huntress could also walk down to atlantic, hang a left, passing Sahadis (amazing gourmet general store, closed Sundays) and Damascus Bakery (oh, the meat pies), and then turn right on Court St right where Trader Joe's is, walking about 15 minutes to get to Mastelleone's deli, D'Amico's coffee, Court Street bakery, and other places, as well.

        Glad to have a heads up about the Bensonhurst italian spots, too!

      3. Whoa! Not so fast with the Brooklyn Heights hatin'. First and foremost: get thee to Sahadi's, the venerable Middle Eastern import/specialty foods store on Atlantic Avenue between Court and Clinton. A fantastic prepared foods counter in the back, an enormous selection of cheap, high-quality spices, a room of dreams where you can buy grains, dried fruits, nuts, candies, olives and pickles in bulk, a huge cheese counter, Middle Eastern pastries and breads from the nearby Arab bakeries. All this at some of the most competitive prices you'll see in the area. A tip: if you can, try to go at an off hour. 5-7 pm (closing), the place is mobbed. Closed on Sundays.

        Next: Trader Joe's at the corner of Court and Atlantic, right nearby. It's new. It's a strange space housed in a lovely old bank that I don't think should have been turned into a grocery store, but so it goes. The prices here are very low, especially on prepared/frozen items, bread, and cereal. Get the circular that advertises all the sales. This store also gets very busy in the two hours before dinnertime.

        For produce: Green Pea, also on Atlantic between Court and Clinton. Same side of the street as Sahadi's. A nice little selection of fresh fruits and vegetables, good prices.

        For a standard supermarket, Key Food on the corner of Clinton and Atlantic. This store has gotten SO much better/nicer in the past few years. It used to be really crappy, but now carries a nice selection of products. Has a new section for organics. The prices are good--look for the sales. They have a very nice selection of fresh cut flowers outside the store.

        Hope this helps--
        A former (21-year) BK Heights resident

        1. Thanks everyone! This was extremely helpful.

          1. I concur with all the above recommendations, most especially the orange-awning'd produce market next to Sahadi's (formerly the Green Pea and now Japanese Produce or something).

            For meat, you should also check out Los Paisanos on Smith near Wyckoff. The meats are consistently good and cost less than Staubitz.

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              Yea, I only tried Staubitz a couple of times but they had what was marked at 100% grass fed beef and it was corn finished. When I do buy meat now I get it from the farmers market. Its flash frozen but I don't notice it. If they are butchering I think they will bring it unfrozen if you ask in advance

            2. Forager's in DUMBO is overpriced for sure, but has very good stuff in certain areas. Worth a visit.

              1. Please remember the Green Market in Cadman Plaza - on Saturdays and I think 2 other days per week.

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                  Those two days are Tuesday (all year) and Thursday (April to November).

                2. Also, last summer there was a little greenmarket in Dumbo, right in front of Brooklyn Bridge park on Sundays. Hopefully it will be back. Dumbo is close to your area of Brooklyn Heights.

                  Skip Gristedes for sure. I second Foragers, Garden of Eden, Sahadis and Green Pea. The places recommended on Court are excellent. If you can, its fun to shop in the little places for meat, fish and baked goods in Brooklyn. The quality and personal attention is unmatched.

                  Fairway is fantatic if you have a car and need to do get a lot of items. It takes 10 minutes to get there by car and many people in the area shop there. Most likely, you have the option of using Fresh Direct too. You place your order online and select when you would like it to be delivered the following day. The prices aren't super cheap, but nothing really is. And the quality is very good.

                  Welcome to Brooklyn!!