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May 19, 2009 07:20 AM

Super 88 Food Court- Allston

I still have not had a chance to make it out to the Super 88 Food Court yet, mainly because I live in Chinatown and get my fill already. I wanted to try it out for dinner on Thursday though. What are the must eats and is this a good option for dinner or just lunch?

I used the Search option as well on the board, but alot of the information is from last year.


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  1. Pho Viet is probably one of the busiest shops, with wonderful pho and banh mi sandwiches for bargain prices. I probably frequent this place the most, and it's the one I've taken many of my friends in introducing them to pho. The BBQ pork banh mi is also awesome, and you can't go wrong for the price ($3.25). However, it's definitely not a take out place; all the food I've eaten there needs to be eaten immediately or it just doesn't have the same kick.

    You may also want to check out the Korean place Misono, but make sure you go to the back version that faces the Chinese restaurant; it's more authentic and has a fairly extensive menu. Check out the bibimbap hot pots; they're pricey but have an abundant amount of food and flavor.

    Dim Sum Chef also provides all day dim sum with wonderful shrimp dumplings. However for a better dim sum experience in Allston (and similar hours), you're better off going to Gitlo's down the street on Brighton Ave and Glenville. That's not knocking them completely because they still do a good job, but Gitlo's is so close there's hardly a competition.

    Other restaurants include Ken's Ramen (great ramen, but not a very extensive menu... probably just not my thing, I'm more of an udon guy), Smile Thai (decent and cheap, but not very reliable), and the Indian place JMP, which is reasonably priced and provides delicious and savory meals with hot, fresh naan.

    Check out this link for more extensive info, though some may be dated:

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      Wisteria -- the only surviving incarnation of the late great Wisteria House in the Back Bay -- is also worthwhile for Taiwanese.

      The food court is a perfectly fine option for dinner as well as lunch.

      1. The pho at Pho Viet's is pretty awful. Their banh mi is pretty great, though. I also like their ho fun with spam and fried shallots (I forget the Vietnamese name) and the chicken leg with tomato fried rice (super great fried rice, and a solid 2 meals of food for $7).

        Lollicup has the best bubble tea available in the Boston area. The boba are never hard or icy, which is often a problem at establishments with less turnover.

        Kantin does a good job with fried foods, and they're the only source of Cantonese roast meats in the area, but they don't do those so well. The salt and pepper pork chop / pork ribs is a symphony of salty spicy fattiness.

        Dim Sum Chef serves passable dim sum items but I wouldn't say any of it is "good." The flavors are all a little weak or otherwise not-right compared to other places.

        Pretty much everything is good at Wisteria, though I don't like their crispy chicken as much as the MuLan version.

        Honestly though, I wouldn't classify anything there as a "must eat." There's just a large variety of fairly good food, mixed in with an equally large variety of mediocre stuff.

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          Wow, that's the first time I've ever heard someone say the pho at Pho Viet is awful. I've eaten the pho at most of the Vietnamese places I can think of in the Boston area, and they're one of my favorites (though I think Pho Hoa is probably my real favorite). Different strokes for different folks, I guess. I really only eat at Pho Viet when I go to Super 88 because I've never had a bad meal there. Pretty much rotate between the pho tai, bbq pork banh mi, and bun bo hue, but I've thrown a few wild cards in there occasionally. My husband and daughter like the bbq pork bun too (tho lately even the 2 year old is hooked on the banh mi).

          We've eaten at Misono. It's just ok. If you're really in the mood for bibimbop, it would probably satisfy a craving.

          Kantin is decent too (beef chow foon and pea stems), but I just think I don't like Cantonese food as much as Vietnamese food in general, so I usually don't choose it.

          I used to love Wisteria House, but I haven't tried the newish Super 88 location.

        2. Don't know if you've been in the past but if your making the journey as far as Super88 you might consider going a few more blocks and hitting up JoJo Taipei. That I think is a must eat.

          1. I love almost everything at Pho Viet's. In fact, it is the main reason I hike out to the Super 88. The banh mi are fantastic, the fresh soy milk is delicious and the bowls of soup are excellent, as the broth is homemade. I also love the cold noodles topped with grilled chicken or pork and fresh vegetables. Dim Sum Chef has decent dim sum, but Gitlo's down the street in Allston is much better. I agree that Kantin is fine, but the Korean place opposite is quite good, too. Overall, I found most of last year's Super 88 recs to be spot on.