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ISO late lunch after trip to Russo's

AGM_Cape_Cod May 19, 2009 07:13 AM

We are taking a friend to Russo's to get hanging baskets tomorrow at about 1pm. We would like to have a late lunch somewhere nearby. Coming from Cambridge if that helps but are willing to travel within reason. TIA.

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  1. Bob Dobalina RE: AGM_Cape_Cod May 19, 2009 07:18 AM

    Lots of spots between Russo's and Cambridge -

    Sofra - Middle Eastern cuisine in cutesy cafe/bakery
    Super Fusion II - Good sushi, not sure if it's open for lunch though
    Gran Gusto -

    are three that come to mind.

    1. finlero RE: AGM_Cape_Cod May 19, 2009 07:23 AM

      A few ideas:

      La Case De Pedro for midscale Venezuelan food.

      Deluxe Town Diner in Watertown is tasty and fun; their breakfast stuff is my favorite.

      Vicki Lee Bakery in Belmont for upscale sandwiches and salads.

      Since it's supposed to be a beautiful day, grab some prepared Armenian/Middle Eastern foods at Arax Market in Watertown and sit out by the Charles River.

      All of Bob Dobalina's ideas are excellent as well. Not sure about Super Fusion being open either; will say it's fine, but not great. I'd sooner send you to Toraya in Arlington.

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      1. re: finlero
        StriperGuy RE: finlero May 19, 2009 08:23 AM

        La Casa de Pedro is often pretty mixed. Really depends on what you order. Picnic from Arax is a GREAT idea.

        1. re: StriperGuy
          Science Chick RE: StriperGuy May 19, 2009 11:02 AM

          Picnic from Sevan is even a BETTER idea.........;)

          1. re: Science Chick
            StriperGuy RE: Science Chick May 19, 2009 04:12 PM

            Arax prepared foods have gotten MUCH better. These days I give them the edge over Sevan.

        2. re: finlero
          gramercyfoodie RE: finlero Jul 5, 2009 05:12 PM

          We were heading to Russo's needing a place for lunch and I found this thread on my bberry. We tried Vicki Lee's and loved it! Really a great place. Thanks for posting!

        3. b
          Blumie RE: AGM_Cape_Cod May 19, 2009 07:31 AM

          This is not terribly convenient because it's all the way on the opposite side of Newton from Russo's and not in the direction of Cambridge, but since you're out and about anyhow, consider heading to the Farm Grille for their fabulous lamb and beef gyros (and other very good Greek food).

          Although it's probably a 20-minute drive, it's easy to get to. From Russo's, take a left out of the parking lot on Pleasant St. Go past the small traffic light at the entrance to the Stop & Shop, and take a left at the next set of lights onto North St. Follow North St to the end and take a left on Craft St. Go about 1/4 mile and bear right on Walnut St. Follow Walnut St for several miles, through Newtonville, past Newton City Hall, and into Newton Highlands. After passing through Newton Highlands, take a right at the lights onto Centre St. (Shortly thereafter, Centre St becomes Winchester St, but you won't even notice.) After about 1/3 or 1/2 mile, bear right onto Needham St (National Lumber will be on your right). Go another 1/4 mile or so and the Farm Grill will be on the left.

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          1. re: Blumie
            Blumie RE: Blumie May 19, 2009 07:33 AM

            ... and if you don't feel like driving 20 minutes, you can get a banh mi from Bobalicious, on Watertown St in Newton. That's about 5 minutes away.

          2. g
            gourmaniac RE: AGM_Cape_Cod May 19, 2009 07:37 AM

            There is a good tacqueria on Willow Street aboutr 5 minutes from Russo's called Los Amigos. Get the barbacoa and lingua.

            1. PaulB RE: AGM_Cape_Cod May 19, 2009 07:46 AM

              Adding to the great suggestions so far, felafel at Fordees, 555 Mount Auburn St

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              1. re: PaulB
                BarmyFotheringayPhipps RE: PaulB May 19, 2009 08:39 AM

                Second. If I were going to Russo's today, that's probably where I'd stop for lunch.

                Although there's nothing wrong with the sandwiches from Russo's deli counter! I particularly love the Smokestack (ham, turkey and smoked gouda on a braided roll with chipotle mayo) -- grab a Dr. Brown's from the cooler, small bag of chips from under the tomatoes, and park yourselves by the river!

                1. re: BarmyFotheringayPhipps
                  nsenada RE: BarmyFotheringayPhipps Jul 7, 2009 06:03 AM

                  Do you know if Fordees has a sandwich like the one at the defunct House of Ararat? I think it was called the garlic chicken rollup, and had pickled turnips, and a garlicky sauce that was really delicious, that I think was tahini-based (and that stayed on your breath for at least 24 hours). I looked at the menu and there were two choices that looked close, but one had "garlic mayo."

                  1. re: nsenada
                    Science Chick RE: nsenada Jul 8, 2009 04:34 AM

                    Here is Fordee's menu...........they seem to have several chicken wraps, one of which looks similar to what you are describing (chicken Shawarma)


                    1. re: Science Chick
                      nsenada RE: Science Chick Jul 8, 2009 06:28 AM

                      Thanks! I'll just have to try all likely options, and maybe a falafel sandwich for a side dish.

              2. d
                Duster17 RE: AGM_Cape_Cod May 19, 2009 08:02 AM

                There's always Buff's in Newton Corner for great wings.

                1. b
                  BBHound RE: AGM_Cape_Cod May 19, 2009 08:17 AM

                  Strip-Ts on School St in Watertown, between Arsenal and Mt. Auburn. Very ggod soups, sandwhiches and fish specials.

                  Strip-T's Restaurant
                  93 School St, Watertown, MA 02472

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                  1. re: BBHound
                    shaebones RE: BBHound May 19, 2009 10:54 PM

                    Highly second Strip T's. Close by and oh so good. Never get a chance to get over that way but any time I do I plan on some chow there.

                  2. StriperGuy RE: AGM_Cape_Cod May 19, 2009 08:22 AM

                    Tiny little place, great tacos right near by.

                    Taqueria El Amigo
                    196 Willow St
                    Waltham, MA 02453
                    (781) 642-7410

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                    1. re: StriperGuy
                      SaraASR RE: StriperGuy May 19, 2009 11:51 AM

                      I second this. Delicious!

                      1. re: SaraASR
                        teezeetoo RE: SaraASR May 19, 2009 02:19 PM

                        has anyone tried the latin place that opened about 7 blocks from Russos on Pleasant heading into Waltham? Bright yellow sign, can't pull up the name, maybe Ecuadoran? I love Spots on Main Street, heading back into Watertown, just below Lexington Street but I believe it is only open until 2 PM. very good home made soups and sandwiches.

                    2. d
                      dulce de leche RE: AGM_Cape_Cod May 19, 2009 02:38 PM

                      Is it SO BAD that I just pull off hunks of warm bread while I'm driving home and eat them with slices of mortadella? I've never even considered going to a restaurant with Russo's in my trunk...

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                      1. re: dulce de leche
                        Spenbald RE: dulce de leche May 19, 2009 08:09 PM

                        Let me guess, a rustic loaf? That stuff has crack baked right in.

                        I second El Amigo, though it is closed Tuesdays. Spot Cafe, also mentioned, is a good choice, too, and it is open until 3, but closed on Mondays.

                      2. cassoulady RE: AGM_Cape_Cod Jul 7, 2009 09:43 AM

                        We always go to Buffs pub after Russos.

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