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Where to get European Orange Fanta???

I totally fell in love with European Orange Fanta abroad. Anyone where I can get this stuff here in the GTA. Specific names of the vendors and exact locations would be greatly appreciated. I'd prefer places that are accessible by TTC since I don't drive. However, I'm sure I could get a car ride if I really had to for my favorite drink. LOL Thanks in advance! :)

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  1. I'm pretty sure that O Nosso Talho on Bloor between Ossington/Duffering carries all different flavours of Fanta, but I didn't play too close attention when I was there picking up ribs the other day. Thought I saw a few different 2L flavours in someone else's cart.

    1. Most No Frills seem to carry Fanta...at least the one on Kingston Rd. at Midland does

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        For some reason, although Fanta is available in about 4 different varieties in North America, the orange version is nothing like that sold in Europe.


        "Beginning in 2009, the U.S. markets will see Fanta Regular Orange, Fanta Zero Orange, Fanta Apple and Fanta Grapefruit in 100% natural flavors."

        Sounds like they are planning a launch of it (assuming Canada is included in "the US markets"


        Occasionally you can find it in british food shops, try googling for it.

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          Exactly the North American orange drink tastes nothing like the European stuff. That "Red Tangerine" drink is also just horrible. LOL

          Anyway, I hope in 2009 we really do find the European Orange Fanta drink on our local shelves. This little synopsis about the drink is so true, at least to me and my fond memories of it.

          Brand Name: Fanta

          Drink Type: Soft Drink

          Fanta: Available in Europe since the 1940s, Fanta was introduced in the United States in 1960. Consumers around the world, particularly teens, fondly associate Fanta with happiness and special times with friends and family. This positive imagery is driven by the brand's fun, playful personality, which goes hand in hand with its bright color, bold fruit taste and tingly carbonation.

          Beginning in 2009, the U.S. markets will see Fanta Regular Orange, Fanta Zero Orange, Fanta Apple and Fanta Grapefruit in 100% natural flavors.

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            I've been so addicted to the orange Fanta in the last month that it has become my obsession hunting down all the various orange Fanta from different parts of the world here in Toronto. Just did a taste test with more orange Fanta's from the US and Portugal. The one from Portugal was definitely better when put to the test side by side. :)

            2 more locations to find orange Fanta downtown both in Kensington Market. Both Latin American stores as well.

            Perola Supermarket--247 Augusta Avenue sells the stuff from Portugal.
            Emporium Latino--243 Augusta Avenue sells the US version still better than our Canadian Fanta called "red tangerine" which isn't even orange. LOL

            So far in Toronto I've been able to get orange Fanta from 5 different countries:


            Please enlighten me with more stores around the city so i may try orange Fanta from every single country available here. LOL

            Since my closest location the St.Lawrence Market which sells my Ukrainian Fanta is closed on Sundays and Mondays, I'll be travelling to the Roncesvalles Village to get my orange Fanta today. ;)

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              I've also had Fanta with Arabic writing on it, can't for the life of me remember where I got it in the city though aside from the west end.

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                  You can get that version at King and Dufferin the Hasty mart. Its 2 bucks tho!

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                  YumYum, I would suggest a trip to the CocaCola museum in Atlanta, Georgia... you can get free samples of every variety!

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                    think Reithers on Chruch is selling Dutch fanta

              1. I know they usually have it at The Prague when I go for lunch/dinner (www.theprague.ca) but if you like that, also try Sumol Orange, Pineapple and Passion Fruit, available at most Portugese stores and some No Frills (in the big, green plastic bottles) It's pretty good stuff as well.

                1. The Ukranian deli downstairs in the St. Lawrence Market has a Ukranian one.

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                    Going to have to try this location at the SLM because it sounds like the closest location from downtown to get this great stuff. First store I bought from was in the Roncesvalles Village and second store was at Victoria Park/Pharmacy area. Either I stock up in large bulk quantities at these stores that are far from me or I'm going to have to find a closer location.

                    Wish European orange Fanta was available in more places downtown since I don't drive! ;)

                  2. seen it all along St Clair West from Oakwood to Lansdowne

                    1. Was told to go to:


                      Apparently these 2 locations in Mississauga have the European orange Fanta I'm looking for. Now I have to find a car ride to buy the stuff in bulk. LOL

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                        You can find it at ABC Euro Deli as well, Sheppard & Vic Park area.


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                          Woohoo, thanks for this location. I'm now drinking the good stuff from Romania now at my desk! Bought three bottles of the 2L. :)

                      2. The Portuguese chicken place here in Brampton has them. It's not called "Orange" but whatever "orange" in Portuguese is

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                        1. There was Orange Fanta, made in Poland, at Market Jolly, 326 Marlee Ave - south of Glencairn (close to the subway). It's a great Eastern European deli - although more Serbian than Polish. Anyway, I tried the Fanta today, as I was curious after reading this thread, and it really was a lot better than the typical orange soda pop available here. If you're buying lots of it, I would call first to check how much stock they have.

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                            Before travelling abroad for orange Fanta, I totally remember the drink as a little kid in the 70's, but then it disappeared off the shelves for years. Here's what the cans looked by back in the 70's even here in Toronto.

                            Second and third cans from the LEFT:


                          2. The Canadian version of Fanta is not the same as the one in Europe. I find that the San Pellegrino Aranciata is the closest you are going to get to the Euro version.

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                              I love that stuff (The San Pellegrino Aranciata)

                            2. How far are you willing to TTC? The Longbranch Queen Streetcar will drop you right off at a Polish Deli on Lakeshore at Mimico with cans and 2L bottles of the good stuff. I can check the specific name and write back if you like.

                              And if I ever find other European sodas I will have fulfilled the origin of my screenname ;) I still can't find that delicious Shweppes Agrum.

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                                How about the French Gini bitter lemon soda?

                                Ever seen it anywhere local?

                              2. Highland Farms on Dufferin south of Steeles some of the times carries the made-in-Poland orange Fanta. the closest I have ever found to the original stuff

                                1. Can also be found (2L bottles) at a Polish place on Roncesvalles, haven't a clue about the name of the place , but East side South of Howard Park. Only about a 100 ft S. of the intersection.
                                  Also love the drink, so I pick up a bottle now and then.

                                  1. We buy the cans and/or bottles at both Brandt and Starsky. The North American version is just a pimped-up "Orange Crush" and way too sweet. The European import is the real thing.

                                    1. Found a good, easily accessible vendor downtown... Reither's Fine Foods on Church Street, South of Wellesley, opposite Cumbrae. They have a load at the minute; according to the guy I spoke to they run out occasionally but always restock within a week or so.

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                                        When travelling in North Africa, my bottled pop of choice was always lemon or orange Fanta. Back home in Canada, I never drink it. I'm addicted to aspartame and love my diet ginger ales, root beers, Dr. Pepper and the like. However, every so often I buy some Fanta from the myriad Lebanese grocers here in Windsor or else the Polish ones. This stuff is abundantly available and I don't believe it's much more expensive (if at all) than the locally produced product. If anyone needs a supply, I would be willing to stock up and bring it along with me the next time I'm coming to Toronto for a weekend. I'll find out the prices at my two favourite shops in the meantime. Glad to help out fellow CH-ers.

                                      2. Good news lads, FANTA TANGERINE is released in Canada! It's delicious, better than orange, and you can find it anywhere. All-natural and made with real juice!

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                                          "Red Tangerine" and "Tangerine" (bottled, not canned) is always available and made with High Fructose Corn Syrup as the #1 ingredient

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                                            Actually, #1 ingredient is probably water and not HFCS.... Aside from sounding dangerous, there is no scientific evidence that high fructose corn syrup is more dangerous than sugarcane sugar. It is metabolized the same as regular sugar (which is 50% glucose and 50% fructose) while HFCS is 55% fructose. Your body cant tell the difference. It is made from corn.

                                            Red Tangerine is no longer available in Canada.. and as far advertised on the product Tangerine is made from natural flavours and no artifical colours and preservatives.

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                                              I can't comment on the health value, but it certainly doesn't taste the same. European Fanta tastes completely different from ours.

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                                            Don't know exactly when this happened, but "Orange" Fanta has finally been released in Canada. Only noticed the labeling change today because I was always used to it being called "Tangerine" for the last 2 years here. Didn't bother paying attention afterwards.

                                            Every time when I'm at Pizza Pizza picking up my order I always grab a can of Tangerine Fanta and only noticed the change in name to "Orange" today.

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                                              Does it taste like the European Orange? The Tangerine flavour tasted nothing like.

                                          3. yep ! Starkys has it ... North side of Dundas (#5 ) just west of Winston Churchill Blvd in the Mandarin Restaurant plaza. Oakville & Mississauga buses pass right by. They use different healthier sugars in their sodas and snacks !