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May 19, 2009 07:02 AM

the glorious Copper River Salmon is here

but where can i buy it fresh!?
i heard that Grand Central Oyster Bar will be serving it. has anybody seen this at any markets yet?
this is where i read about it:

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  1. Citarella and Eli's usually have it. You might also check "the Lobster Place", and Dorian's (my new favorite fishmonger - and they deliver).

    1. Agata & Valentina sometimes have it.

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      1. re: demo5

        i found it for 30 a pound at citarella. agata isn't carrying it as of yet. the guy claimed it's not time yet. weird

        1. re: ironcheff

          Good to know, thanks. I'm ordering some fish from Dorian's in the am - I'll ask them.

      2. Some more sources here - or, rather, more details:

        1. Anyone know how the stock is holding up for Copper River Salmon? I know that the Alaskan varieties have been generally holding up better than Oregon (which were frightenly close to extinction last year), but I haven't heard any reports for the current season.