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May 19, 2009 06:32 AM

White Dog Cafe

As I was driving into work this morning, I saw a sign for the White Dog Cafe on the newly renovated buildings across the street from Anthropologie in Wayne. Is this the same White Dog from Philly? Anyone have any info?


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  1. Yes, same one. They're opening a Wayne location. Although I've seen postings on different websites saying the Philly kitchen staff was fired and the menu will probably be different in Wayne - less local, organic ingredients -- but that's pretty much hearsay...

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    1. re: coastalgypsy

      The whole operation has been sold to Marty Grims (owner of Du Jour in Haverford, among other establishments), and I understand that a condition of the sale was that he maintain the organic/local image. I don't have details, so maybe that was just at the flagship restaurant.

      1. re: foodie4444

        Thank you for that information. That tells me a lot.

    2. *sigh* I used to love going to White Dog for their bar food menu, but the food started to get inconsistent and I haven't been back in a while. Here's to hoping that they will get back on track!