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May 19, 2009 06:17 AM

Outdoor Private Party Venue Suggestions

I'm looking for suggestions on a venue that has a private or semi private outdoor area. please feel free to make suggestions, add comments, or ask questions.

I need to throw an engagement cocktail reception for my good friend and his new bride. Date is TBD. We are looking for an outdoor venue on a Saturday. We are targeting a 5pm to 7pm window (start time is flexible). About 25-30 guests. We would like to serve Hor d’overs and let the guests pay for their own beverages.

Please exclude ultra high-end choices (like Park Hyatt or Peninsula) or tourist traps like millenium park. Upscale venues, Neighborhood resturants & bars, and non-restruants venues that can accomdate catering will be considered.

Thank you

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  1. For a more casual outdoor venue, I recommend checking out Zella in Lincoln Park. They have a large outdoor place and I know they do private parties.