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Looking for great anniversary dinner in north end of Toronto

We who do not live in Toronto are celebrating our 10th anniversary and want to have a great dinner. Our babysitters (ie my inlaws) are at Bayview and Sheppard so we'd like to stay fairly close to there, not downtown.

I am looking for some place really nice and it can be pricey but not crazy $500 for dinner pricey. I looked on Toronto.com and for $150 - 200 in North York I get the likes of Mandarin & Kelseys(??) so I went up to the $200+ and I get North 44 which seems just a bit out of our range!

So someplace interesting and between these two is what I'm looking for. It needs to have a couple of vegetarian options for hubby to choose from - pastas, risottos ok but I'd rather not go to a strictly Italian place.

Just read the thread about the opening of Milagro at Yonge/Lawrence - sounds like a good possibility.

Thanks for suggestions!

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  1. Milagro is pretty casual (and gets loud!), so I don't know if that's the kind of atmosphere you're looking for. Along that strip, some nicer options would be Wildfire Grille, Sapori or Sequel.

      1. Centro? maybe to pricey?

        1. Zee Grill, (fish) Celestin, (French ) Zucca (Italian) never disappoint.
          All fit into your price category.

          1. How about Mezza Misto on Yonge/Lawrence. Have been there several times and have always been very pleased.


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              Sequel, which has been mentioned above, comes in at about $150 a couple (assuming you order wine by the glass and eschew the rather expensive bottles), tax and tip included. It's a small, well-run operation (especially when the owner, Eric, is on the premises, as he usually is). Good service and casually elegant atmosphere. I've never been disappointed there. Always a veggie choice or two. Sequel is on the west side of Yonge St. at St. Germain, about halfway between York Mills Rd. and Lawrence Ave. Easy free parking on the residential streets running west off Yonge St.

              Zee Grill, on Mount Pleasant south of Eglinton, also clocks in at $150 a couple - if, once again, you stay away from bottles of wine. Nice selection of beers and wines by the glass. It's one of the best fish houses in Toronto. Pleasant atmosphere, especially in the semi-patio at the back.

              Up a cut or two from those two, there's Auberge du Pommier, on Yonge St. just north of York Mills Rd. But it's also pricier. Figure about $200 a couple for a superb, well-executed dinner in a sophisticated atmosphere, with excellent service. It can go to $250 if you get careless, so watch yourself. You'll dine very well, though.

              You seem reluctant to do Italian, and I don't blame you. It sometimes seems half the restos in Toronto are Italian, and - though many are quite good - a change is often necessary. So forget about Mezza Misto and Sapori (though Sapori is solid). But Zucca, mentioned above, though nominally Italian, has many well-executed dishes that aren't all that Italian (Cornish hen, for example, if I recall). I'd put it at about $125-$150 a couple. Wildfire Grille, mentioned above, does steak well, and do a quite good piri-piri chicken. It's about $150 a couple, I think (it has been awhile since I've been there). Both Centro and Celestin are probably out of your price range.

            2. Depending on whether your budget includes tax and tip, you should consider Auberge du Pommier at Yonge and York Mills. You can order 3 courses for 2 people for about $130-140, plus a bottle of less expensive wine for $40-50, but then you'd have to add tax and tip on top of that. The food at Auberge is fantastic, and the room/atmosphere is perfect for an anniversary. I highly recommend it (and I'd say it generally gets pretty overwhelmingly positive reviews by others on this board as well). Added bonus - there's parking too.


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                Oops - just noticed the requirement that there be veggie option. Auberge may not be such a great idea after all...

                As another consideration... I've always enjoyed Coppi (on Yonge b/w York Mills and Lawrence) but I'd do a search on here before picking it, because it's had some negative reviews of late.

              2. I love this board - thank you for all of the replies. After perusing all the sites (and now very hungry) I've narrowed down to Zucca and Sequel - eliminated others for one reason or another. I think I'll send hubby the links and let him choose from those two.

                Too bad Milagro gets loud - Mexican is always a nice change for veggies where they don't have to have pasta...but he will eat meat if it's local and organic (we buy straight from a farm) so the 'naturally raised' at Zucca may be appealing to him.

                Will continue to peruse any other suggestions. Thanks!

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                  Amaya on Bayview is supposed to be good, though I'm not totally sure about the price range... Indian food tends to have more options for vegetarians, so you could check it out?

                  1701 Bayview Avenue, Toronto, ON M4G 2C1, CA

                2. How could a couple spend $200 at Kelseys?

                  Some other suggestions:

                  Simple on Mount Pleasant. Very well executed, though I wish they would change their brunch menu.

                  Debu on Mount Pleasant. High end Indian very well executed, and plenty of vegetarian options.