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Eat at Jumbo's - Ball Sq., Somerville

Any reviews yet? Is this part of Yassir's empire?

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  1. It is not. It's owned by a fellow who's worked in restaurants before, but it is doing his own thing for the first time now. He was previously in real estate. I've only had a sandwich and that on their first day, so no review from me as yet.
    The food costs less than the houses, ho ho.

    1. Could get an award for dumbest new restaurant name 2009.

      Hey guys! Let's go eat at Eat at Jumbos!

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        Yumyum: It's for the Tufts kids. Their mascot IS Jumbo...after PT Barnum's elephant...Barnum was a huge (pun intended) benefator to the university....however, I did the same grimace when the sign went up....

        They have stiff competition if they want to beat WingsOver.

        1. re: winecafe95

          If memory serves, I believe you actually just replied to a Jumbo.

          I think yumyum's gripe was not that it's called "Jumbo's", but rather that the name is "Eat at Jumbo's", which I agree is less than optimal. But if the chow is good, I'll have no trouble winking at the name.

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            I humbly apologize. I am unaware of the alma mater of other CHs.

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              Thank you for remembering my pedigree. Ha!

              I'm with you, though. If the food is good, I can get over the name. It's just a little klugy. Where should we eat tonight? Oh I know, lets eat at eat at jumbos!

              I will get over there soon to give it a whirl. In disguise.

        2. Where is it? I must have walked right by it today...

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            It's a couple doors down from Kelly's Diner...next to what used to the Powderhouse Pub which is now "Pub."

          2. We had takeout pizza from there on Tuesday night. Terrible. Delivery took forever (and we were literally about 2 blocks away), the sauce was oddly flavored, the crust limp... ugh.

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              They dropped off a takeout menu at my house and I was expecting the worst, but was briefly hopeful by the fact that they state availability of whole wheat or regular crust. I haven't tried it myself yet.

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                We had some the other night. Actually, we were having a City Slicker craving but they were closed on Monday so we gave the elephant a try. Got a pizza with meatball and mushrooms and a bacon cheese burger. The pizza was fine. The crust was a little soft and the sauce could have used a bit more seasoning, but the mushrooms were fresh, the meatballs tasty and they did not skimp on the toppings. The burger was passable. Again, could have used more seasoning. The fries looked like they should have been great, but they appeared to have steamed some in the container and were a bit soggy. The flavor of them was really nice. We would give them another try.

            2. Is this still owned by the people behind Urban Gourmet that burnt in the fire? I loved their food when I was an undergrad and now that I am back in the area would love to eat there again. Does anyone know why it took so long to reopen?

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                Nope. New owners. The Urban Gourmet people re-opened as City Slicker Cafe, down on Somerville Ave. They make some killer pizza.

              2. Just remembering- I had some wings and chicken tenders from Eat at Jumbo's at the Taste of Somerville event that were quite tasty. Nicely fried, tasty glaze.

                1. Went last night on a whim and tried one whole single menu item, so obvs. not authoritative, but I was pleasantly surprised. I was craving some kind of seitan sub (blame yoga) and remembered hearing that the restaurant used only locally made mozzarella so I gave it a shot. Lo and behold, they had a seitan "steak" bomb with peppers and onions. I asked for hot Buffalo sauce. Daiya cheese was an option but I went with good old American and it had that deeply melty texture that's almost like mayo. Squishy bun, huge, really tasty. And the guys who work there are nice as hell. I will definitely go back for relatively late-night cravings.

                  Vegans should especially keep their heads up--tofu tenders; (big) menu advertises tofu as a substitute for any sandwich.

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                    Despite the awkward name, the owner seems committed to the vegan/veggie crowd. It's fast food for the vegan set! Yay! (No sarcasm at all!)