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May 19, 2009 01:16 AM

lost and longing in vancouver

hi, just relocated from edmonton to vancouver and while vancouver is a huge city with a ton of great food and edmonton is a little city with a little great food, it used to be easy to know where to go, and i am missing this. My go-to brunch was new york bagel, i LOVE this place for the bohemian vibe, the great lox and hashbrowns, yummy lattes, as well as the random table condiments. For drinking the black dog was the place. While i know these places are one-of-a-kind, can anyone suggest some equivalents for me? cheers.

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  1. that's one of the nice things about relocation... learning and discovering things. once you know your way around it'll lessen the homesickness. what kind of watering hole is 'black dog'? YVR has many nice places to drink. i like the brewpubs there [but how happy am to be back in my cozy regular pubs here in beer paradise!].

    i was in YVR a couple of weeks ago and while i loved it [everything is big, green, beautiful, plentiful, delicious etc, well just the complete opposite of here.] i couldn't wait to go home. i'm so used to my nice quiet life under a rock in food hell so YVR is too overwhelming for me. [and there it's supposed to be 'home'.]

    1. Which part of Vancouver did you relocate to?

      If you are looking for a bohemian vibe...there are a couple of places along Commercial Dr that might fit the bill: Theresa's and Waazubee. My own watering hole is Stella's.

      1. I pulled the same transplant 3.5 years ago...Black Dog has a few equivalents...I've been loving the Alibi Room in Gastown and there is also The Whip just off of Main St.
        New York Bagel equivalent - the bagels here are better, but there isn't a bagel place with as good a brunch menu.