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May 18, 2009 09:49 PM

Kabob Skewers

I was recently watching Good Eats and saw the episode about kabobs. I was wondering where i would be able to get the skewers he uses. They're stainless steel and, most importantly, flat so the food doesn't roll around.

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  1. Here's some:

    They also come in a 5/8" size.

    I have the wider ones - and I bought them at TJ Maxx for $3.99 a box. If you live near any of these kinds of discount stores, I would look for them there first.

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    1. re: flourgirl

      Those aren't the same skewers Alton Brown used in Good Eats.

      In the episode, the non-pointy end of Brown's skewers are almost circular. But, Raicheln's non-pointy end skewers have some wavy design. (I have no idea what the point of that wavy design is for).

      I also have some doubts about the size of Raichlen's skewers, especially 5/8 inches. That seems too large, and would limit their versatility- they'd work for large chunks of meat but would seem to be too large if you wanted to grill something like thin slices of vegetables or shrimp.

    2. Target had some at one time, Williams Sonama for 10x the price, same thing. Honestly I prefer wood. I soak for just 5 or so minutes, not long but always use two. It is easy and works great. Better than the flat metal ones. I have them and they were a gift a few years ago and I love them. But I really prefer using cheap wooden ones. They come in usually 3 sizes. I love the small ones for appetizers, Medium veggies or just a few bites and the big ones for a main dish.

      Other than a couple of parties, I haven't used the metal ones in a long time. Sometimes after I soak the skewers before I put the items on I rub them with garlic or herbs. I noticed a difference, my friend said no but another said yes. Well, regardless it literally took 1 minutes to rub 10 skewers with a basil leaf or garlic clove so not a big deal.

      One more tip. Soak rather than in water I have soaked in OJ and lime juice, and living in FL, fruit juice is always around. It doesn't flare up and adds a little flavor to the skewer not much, but why not if you have it.

      I used apple juice in a large baggies for a few skewers once. They I skewered chicken, apples, chippolini onions and crimini mushrooms for a great fall skewer. Used two per, nothng flipped or flopped and the apple skewers gave just a bit of flavor. But it is NOT necessary, water is just fine.

      There is nothing wrong with the metal ones. I just prefer the wood. No clean up, just toss, varying sizes and they don't get hot like the metal ones. They are great are a grill pan, oven, broiler, or grill. And the trick is two. Food will never twirl around. Works every time.

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      1. re: kchurchill5

        I prefer steel for small parties of no more than 6 people. Otherwise bamboo is the only choice. As kchurchill says, double them up so the food doesn't twirl. You can even sharpen some cheap chopsticks in a pinch, though they are kinda short.

        Yes, there's no cleanup for wood, but there's no need to pre-soak steel skewers, and you never run out, as I did when I had to use chopsticks.

        1. re: Zeldog

          For a nice party I usually my good ones, they just look better. But after my friend burned herself, I decided to stick with the bamboo more often. I would of thought she would know that metal on a hot grill will get HOT. I have no idea what she was thinking. But often have kids come to so the wood is safer.

          I saw somewhere some cool ceramic skewers and they hold heat for cooking but cool very quickly for easy handling. And the 1 handle end was made of something that supposedly didn't get hot. I wish I knew where I saw them. Pretty cool.

      2. I just bought some last weekend.

        I originally went to Barbeques Galore but they were out of them. I was looking for the Steven Raichlen 7/8" flat steel skewers. $19.00 for 2 on his website.

        But I was in an Armenian neighborhood and went next door to the Armenian deli and bought 4 super heavy gauge steel 7/8" skewers for $2.99 each.

        At Barbeques Galore I bought V-shaped skewers for shrimp to keep them from rolling around as well.

        1. found them at sur la table.

          1. a lot of people are cleaning out their summer stocks.. I'm starting to see them at TJMaxx and Marshalls a good bit as well.