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May 18, 2009 07:46 PM

Van Restaurant with Casual (and Spacious) Patio?

I've been put in charge of tracking down a spot for a going-away dinner and I'm looking for somewhere in the downtown Vancouver area that has a roomy patio and a menu that's got options for all price ranges (some of the group will be willing to spend more, others will be budgeting). I know of a few patio places, but most of them are on the small side. Chains aren't totally taboo, but I'd rather avoid anything too boring. Any spots come to mind?

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  1. Maybe the Boathouse at English Bay? I like Cardero's patio but I don't know how big your group is & these both might be out of the budget you're looking for...

    1. The Wicklow in False Creek (formerly Stamps Landing) has a very nice patio view. Its menu is very reasonably priced for Vancouver and features some nice, if standard dishes. You can check it out online:

      The Wicklow Pub
      610 Stamps Landng, Vancouver, BC V5Z, CA

      1. Another rec on Granville Island (purely for the patio) is The Sandbar. I've had dinner there - the food is fine (not fantastic)...but the patio is great.

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          If you're doing Granville Island, I'd recommend The Sandbar over The Boathouse based on food and service. Boathouse has a better view though.

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            The Dockside at the Granville Island Hotel has a nice patio as well. And you can order of the pub or restaurant menus so there is quite a price range.

        2. Chill Winston in Gastown or The Mill Bistro on Coal Harbour perhaps?

          1. maybe a little over budget but L'altro Buca ( has a gorgeous patio.