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Van Restaurant with Casual (and Spacious) Patio?

I've been put in charge of tracking down a spot for a going-away dinner and I'm looking for somewhere in the downtown Vancouver area that has a roomy patio and a menu that's got options for all price ranges (some of the group will be willing to spend more, others will be budgeting). I know of a few patio places, but most of them are on the small side. Chains aren't totally taboo, but I'd rather avoid anything too boring. Any spots come to mind?

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  1. Maybe the Boathouse at English Bay? I like Cardero's patio but I don't know how big your group is & these both might be out of the budget you're looking for...

    1. The Wicklow in False Creek (formerly Stamps Landing) has a very nice patio view. Its menu is very reasonably priced for Vancouver and features some nice, if standard dishes. You can check it out online: www.thewicklow.com.

      The Wicklow Pub
      610 Stamps Landng, Vancouver, BC V5Z, CA

      1. Another rec on Granville Island (purely for the patio) is The Sandbar. I've had dinner there - the food is fine (not fantastic)...but the patio is great.

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          If you're doing Granville Island, I'd recommend The Sandbar over The Boathouse based on food and service. Boathouse has a better view though.

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            The Dockside at the Granville Island Hotel has a nice patio as well. And you can order of the pub or restaurant menus so there is quite a price range.

        2. Chill Winston in Gastown or The Mill Bistro on Coal Harbour perhaps?

          1. maybe a little over budget but L'altro Buca (www.altrobuca.ca) has a gorgeous patio.

            1. If chain isn't taboo and patio is the #1 criteria, I'm guessing you've already thought of the obvious 3 (Earl's, Cactus, Milestones) in Yaletown, although you may qualify those in the boring category.

              Not sure what atmosphere you're looking for, but Sequoia Grill (same owners as Sandbar) in Stanley Park has an absolutely gorgeous patio and a menu that offers some good choice, although perhaps a little upmarket.

              Market at Shangri-La recently opened their patio and I've heard good things, although haven't been myself, but again, perhaps too upmarket.

              Finally, I realize that it's not downtown exactly, but Havana on Commercial has a fantastic patio. Not sure how large your group is, but I do know that they've started taking reservations Sun-Thurs, which is quite nice. Those pitchers of sangria are just soooo good...

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                fwiw sequoia grill was "re-branded" and is now again known as the tea house

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                  Classic! Did you ever wonder why for years they kept the old Tea House sign out back, tossed in the bushes? It always struck me as odd that they never moved it, but I guess they have use for it now. Have you been lately? Has anything but the name changed? I generally find myself there for lunch/brunch when I'm strolling the seawall with my mom. It has been a while for dinner...

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                    not sure but i;m pretty sure its still way more about the experience(view etc..) than the actual food

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                  Market at Shangri-La has a nice patio, but it's a bit small and dark.