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May 18, 2009 07:14 PM

Dinner with kids near Space Needle

Hello everyone,

my family will be visiting Seattle in August for 1 day (before departing for Alaska cruise). We are arriving in afternoon and wanted to visit Space Needle, but we probably will be very hungry, so we would like to eat before visiting the Needle.

I was looking for recommendation for not very expensive (entries around $15-18 or cheaper :)) restaurant near Space Needle, which also has good food. My kids are 4 and 11, I can control them, so in terms of behavior I am not looking for a place that caters to kids. In terms of food, my 11 year old will eat of adult menu. 4 year old will need something simple (with not a lot of sauce) if kid's menu is not available.

Another alternative location would be a place not far from Sorrento Hotel. This is where we will be staying.

Thanks in advance for your help.

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  1. In the neighborhood near the Space Needle, you will be walking a few blocks in any direction. I would probably take the kids to Whym, which is a 24-hour place with comfort/diner food, a few blocks down Denny. Not all reviews have been positive, but my experience taking my nephew and niece there (9 and 1.5 at the time) was good and we all liked the food very much. There is a little intersection nearby with a pizza place called Zeek's and a new restaurant called Tilikum Place Cafe that people seem to like--I have not eaten there. You could also cross Seattle Center to the lower Queen Anne neighborhood, where my family likes Racha Noodle House and Athina Grill. Walking up 5th Avenue takes you to Genki Sushi (over the QFC Market) for conveyor belt sushi. If you would rather eat near the hotel, you could walk south on Madison and then either turn left on 5th for O'Asian or right on 4th for Purple Wine Bar. Purple is probably the most foodie-ish--the other restaurants are all pretty casual and while I am always happy with what I get, they are definitely "regular food" not "fancy food." Good luck--I love eating out with kids in Seattle.

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      I suggest going to Pike Market and eating something there. (There is so much to choose from! If you want a sit down restaurant Matt's is great for lunch ... but there are so many great little counter places - For example, Pike Place Chowder is AMAZING! I also had a really good sausage at Uli's ...) and then you can walk a few blocks and hop on the monorail to the Needle.

      This way you will get in 3 attractions! (Market, monorail and Needle)

      Also, I want to suggest that you take yourself and your kids for gelato at Gelatiamo (3rd and Union) It is so good I have been dreaming about it!!

      1. re: boisenewbie

        Thanks for the advice.

        We are planning to visit Pike Market after the cruise before going to airport. I have a plan for several counter type of places to visit (including Piroshki bakery, which I have heard is amazing).

        Our hotel offers free town car service, this is why I wanted to eat either near hotel and take the town car to the Needle or take the town car to the Needle and eat nearby the Needle. I looked at the map and I think it will be hard for my 4 year old to walk the distance to Pike Market the first night.

        Being from Minnesota, I am not so sure about public transportation, so I am not sure about monorail.

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          The monorail is not public transit - it is a ride (just like the one at Disney - except it costs money) It is a very short ride connecting Seattle Center to the Westlake Center ... but it is a fun way to get from point a to point b

          Google it

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