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MILWAUKEE -- Fresh fish

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Any suggestions for nice restaurants with some truly fresh fish in the Milwaukee area? Thank you in advance.

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  1. The Hinterland has fresh fish flown in almost daily from company in Hawaii from the West coast and from another from the East Coast.

    Hinterland Erie Street Gastropub
    222 E Erie Street, Suite 100, Milwaukee, WI 53202

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    1. re: Living4fun

      Thank you very much for the input.

      1. re: faleentoby

        My favorite place for fresh seafood is a place called River Lane Inn. It's a fantastic, cozy place.

        River Lane Inn
        4313 W River Ln
        Milwaukee, WI 53223

        1. re: pastry634

          Thank you for your input.....we will be back in about a month and try it then.