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May 18, 2009 05:09 PM

Post-graduation dinner for 10-12

Hi all,

My boyfriend and I are planning to bring our two families together for a post-graduation ceremony celebratory dinner, and we're a little stumped as to where to go. It can't be too pricey, so something in the price range of, say, Lemeac is out. We also have food allergies/aversions to consider:
- vegetarian
- gluten sensitivity
- kosher-style (ie, no pork, mixing of milk and meat, or shellfish)
(Obviously, these are not all the same person).

Something somewhat close to McGill would be ideal, but we're willing to travel.

Here are some ideas we've come up with, and any feedback would be great - especially about price ranges etc. because there are no prices on the online menus!
- Philinos
- La Sirene
- La Brunoise
- Casa Tapas
- APdC <-- I know that this is not necessarily veg-friendly, but I eat fish

The graduation is May 28 (a Thursday) and we're looking for an early dinner (around 6).


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    1. You will probably have to scrap APdC (Cochon = Pork and there's probably pork "stuff" in everything)

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      1. re: Maximilien

        «there's probably pork "stuff" in everything»

        No, actually. I've taken halal friends there and they loved the place. The staff seemed quite unfazed by the fact that pork in any form was verboten.

        Price might be an issue at APDC, though. If Leméac's too pricey, it's hard to imagine that APDC wouldn't be too, especially if a good chunk of the menu was off-limits and several in the party were intent on eating the excellent but often pricey fish.

        1. re: Maximilien

          Very likely so. Last time I was there I saw them smothering hake in a cream sauce loaded with fiddleheads and bacon. That is typical of their style.

          Carswell: Ah! Good to know they are accomodating to people with dietary restrictions. Though I guess I shouldn't be surprised.

        2. The original chef from Brunoise has his own place now, Mas Cuisine in Verdun. You could try that.

          1. APDC is not Kosher Style....They may have fish on the menu but they also mix foods while preparing.
            You can look into Chu Chai on St Denis.

            I also second your option for Philinos... IMOP this is one of the best restaurant for Greek food in Montreal. Casa Tapas also makes for a nice graduation dinner.

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            1. re: Alyson777

              I don't think the OP meant that the restaurant itself had to be kosher style, just that one person wanted food that would not be pork, shellfish, or mix milk with meat. That being said, Pied de Cochon won't give that person many choices - because they don't have any beef on their menu, it ends up being quite limiting for someone looking for "kosher style" .

            2. La Sirene is a good bet for all the dietary restrictions. I've gone there with my parents and in-laws who aren't particularly adventurous with different types of food, and they really enjoy it (as do I). There are three locations, all are in strip-mall type buildings. If you're looking to bring the folks to somewhere "typical" of Montreal, this is not it, it is more suburban...

              The food is quite good though. We usually order everything to share: some salads, grilled fish and vegetables on the side. Their salads are middle eastern and are very good (fatoush, various eggplant salads, hummous). In terms of price, you have to be careful here because it can go either way. You order the fish at the counter, so you have to pay attention to those prices, some of the fish can be pricey. Otherwise, I think you should stay clear of a pre-10PM Lemeac budget!