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May 18, 2009 04:54 PM

trip to Mass Moca

I will be traveling to Mass Moca for an event on Saturday evening and I am looking for a good place to have dinner. I am not looking for a super fancy night out but something with entrees in the 10 - 20 dollar range. We eat pretty much anything but are from the boston area so we are not interested in Jae's since we used to have one near our house.


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  1. What about Mass Moca's own? Cafe Latino, from the Mezze group of restaurants, is right IN the museum (sort of, but that's the kind of museum it is). Entrees may go higher than your range, however. You can check it out on line:
    We like it quite a bit, but we're not from the North Adams area, and I know there are other restaurants that other chowhounds can speak to. Have fun!

    1. Haven't been in a while, but I've always had good meals at Gramercy Bistro (walking distance to the museum too). I think they are out of your price range though, but here's the link to their site:

      Red Sauce is an okay Italian place (I would definitely rather go to Jae's if I had the choice, if that means anything). Prices are in your range:

      Only have a little experience with Cafe Latino, but it's been good. As BT mentioned, it's right in the MoCA complex.

      Hope you have a good time, always makes me happy to hear someone is heading to MoCA :)

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        I third Cafe Latino. Drinks are good and very reasonable, and you can get a couple of things that are excellent in your pr1ce range. The fish tacos rock, and they have "family meals" in the mid-20s that easily feed 2-3.

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          I did not enjoy Gramercy Bistro, I posted about it a while ago on the boards, but I did like Cafe Latino!

        2. If you're coming in from the south, I'd try dinner at Elizabeth's in Pittsfield, for well-prepared Italian fare. The salad is a sumptuous starter, or even, for some, a main dish. They offer numerous intriguing specials from day to day that are worthy of your investigation. Then, you can jump on Route 8 north to Mass MOCA.