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May 18, 2009 04:49 PM

Wilmington DE

My fiance and I are getting married in Wilmington this summer and are looking for possible places for a rehearsal dinner. We are looking for someplace reasonably priced with some good food (for us) and also standard options for some of our family. Any suggestions?

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  1. How many people are you talking about, and what is your definition of "reasonably priced"?

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    1. re: travelmad478

      We are looking at around 15 people say on average $20 but that is flexible depending on food location ect..

      1. re: psurpcv

        Dinner, drinks and tip for $20/head? That will not get you much at all. You can barely get out the door for that money at the Golden Castle Diner. Even going to a casual place like Iron Hill Brewery, which I might suggest for you, will definitely cost more than that.

        There are plenty of places around that will fit the bill, but all would be very casual, hardly what I would imagine would be suitable for a rehearsal dinner. You will have to adjust either your spending or your expectations of what this meal is going to be like.

        Higher-cost places that could fit the bill: Ameritage Bistro (downtown Wilmington), Iron Hill Brewery (riverfront Wilmington), Toscana (Trolley Square). There are plenty of options.

        1. re: travelmad478

          I think Pizza By Elizabeth's had private rooms that might be suitable for this kind of occasion in their former location -- haven't yet been to their new place yet, but I'd imagine it's bigger and could accommodate. Would be more than $20/head, though.

          1. re: spyturtle008

            That's a good suggestion. Buckley's might also be able to accommodate, although there also you'd probably be getting into the $30 range.

          2. re: travelmad478

            Sorry, my error in clarification I was thinking entree's for around $20-25 not including drinks and tip. Even where I live in rural upstate NY there is not much a person can get for $20 with everything included. (unless of course the service is horrendous and everyone drinks water). My finance has found one place, a brewery down on the waterfront, does anyone know anything about it or anything comparable?

            1. re: psurpcv

              That's Iron Hill Brewery that I mentioned earlier. It would be a decent choice although perhaps a little more casual than what most people would expect for a rehearsal dinner. Entrees there run in the $15-25 range, I think--they have everything from burgers to big salads to surf and turf. Something for pretty much everyone, as long as you're not looking for anything too interesting! Iron Hill is quite big so they would definitely be able to accommodate a large group. Pizza by Elizabeth's is also a good choice--they do have more than just pizza and it is a slightly more refined atmosphere (although I have not been to the new location).

              1. re: psurpcv

                Buckley's, Harry's Savoy, Nonna's is great, but no private room.

        2. You may want to look into Stanley's - lots of variety, prices are good. I think they have a private or semi-private area. Not formal at all, but the food is consistant.

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          1. re: Ellymae

            Stanley's? You would have a rehearsal dinner at a sports bar? Maybe the bachelor party...

          2. Harry's Savoy grill on Naamans creek road is a good bet

            1. You've made your choice, no doubt, but maybe FYIs for others: The Ameritage is now closed. Anywhere in Trolley or Greenville (like Pizza by Elizabeth's) or Centreville (like Buckley's) would have a nice ambiance. I agree that Concord Pike wouldn't be my first choice of venue in this case. Iron Hill can be noisy, thinking about acoustics. The Washington Ale House downtown has an upstairs party space, if you're looking for more separation from the main dining and/or ale.

              1. Just came across this. If you haven't decided, another place that gets small parties is Kid Shelleen's. They have a room that can handle your crowd. Another is Ale House which has great food. Finally, for something nicer, Sullivan's.