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May 18, 2009 04:32 PM

Restaurant recommendations near W Hotel (City Center)

Hi fellow 'hounds,

We're going to be visiting Chicago this coming Memorial Day weekend - we'll be in town Saturday and Sunday nights. Can I get some recommendations for restaurants around the W Hotel City Center? We are willing to cab it but if there's something close by that's even better.

Specifics: We've been to Chicago before and have eaten at Les Nomades and Rosebud (in the general vicinity of the Marriott on Michigan Ave.). We're up for Italian, French, Mexican, Sushi...actually, we're not too picky at to type as long as the food's good. It is my beau's birthday so I'll need a fine-dining place for one evening and a more relaxed place for the other evening. Also have lunches to fit into our schedule, and we'd love to know about some great neighborhood/hole-in-the-wall spots.

Let me know if I need to be more specific, and I appreciate any insights you've got!

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  1. The closest fine dining restaurant to the W is Everest, which is only a few blocks away. In addition to impeccable service and excellent food (French Alsation, and more "old school" than the molecular gastronomy places like Alinea), it has a beautiful view. Your beau will need a jacket, however. It is open Sat., but not Sunday.

    The W is in the heart of the downtown business district so there is not much open during the weekend but you are not far at all from the West Loop area, which has a lot of restaurants of various cuisines and price points. A few places in the West Loop that you might consider for a more "relaxed" atmosphere would include Carnivale for Latin cuisine; anywhere in Greek Town.
    Not within walking distance, but my personal favorite for a relaxed, delicious Sunday night dinner is Opera, which is a Chinese concept restaurant, that has a special prix fixe 3-course deal on Sunday (and Tuesday) nights for $29: