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May 18, 2009 04:30 PM

White Plains suggestions near Crowne Plaza?

I'm staying at the White Plains Crowne Plaza for a few weeks? Anything interesting around here? Can be anything as long as it's good...

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  1. IIRC there are several WP threads that are fairly recent.
    At least one involves Ritz.
    Check them out for some answers.

    1. Aberdeen Chinese restaurant over at the Marriot Residence Inn has some of the better Chinese food north of NYC, in my opinion.

      1. Mortons Steak House is in the Fortunoff's Mall right near crown plaza.
        On Main Street (a few blocks away) Peniche, Blue, BLT Steak, La Bocca, on Mamaroneck Avenue, Asian Temptation, Legal Seafood, Soma 107 and about 7 irish pubs for hamburgers and sports tv. All are within a quick cab ride or walking distance from crown plaza.

        1. Antipasti, at 1 N. Broadway, is pretty close to the Crowne Plaza. It's gotten pretty good reviews on this board, I think, since celebrity chef Rick Laakkonen left.

          1. I recently ate at Peniche for the first time. It was very good and I would definitely recommend it for tapas.