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May 18, 2009 04:19 PM

high tea - C5, Windsor Arms, Four Seasons or other?

hi CHers,
tea is not my area of expertise, and i generally prefer dining options that allow we to cop out to a "healthy" choice like a salmon or chicken dish with a great salad. i don't really do bread. so, one of my bridesmaids had offered to take me out for high tea in july close to my wedding - which of C5 or Windsor Arms or Four Seasons would you suggest? i am totally up for sweets in small portions, and love a glass of white or champagne in the afternoon in the right setting. so which course is the best, or is there another place you would suggest?

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  1. I think a big part of your answer is going to be based on the type of atmosphere you want. Four Seasons has its afternoon tea (which is the correct term, by the way, though many places do use the incorrect term "high tea" -- sorry, don't mean to be pedantic!) in the Lobby Bar, which is ok, but doesn't feel particularly special. The Windsor Arms is the most traditional of the three you mention. And C5, of course, is extremely contemporary (and white!).

    If you are interested in cute or quaint surroundings, I would suggest either Red Tea Box or MoRoCo. However, I don't think either of these places is licensed, so no champagne.

    Most afternoon teas have a savoury component, so don't feel like you'll be stuck with an all-sweets experience. Personally, I think I would choose C5 for a special event, as I'm not so much into the rather stuffy, English setting of the Windsor Arms.

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      considering we are young(ish), hip(ish) young ladies, the C5 sounds more our speed.. but I recall bokChoi saying it was very sterile there...

    2. Hi there i recently had high tea for mothers' day at Cafe MoRoCo which is a chocolate lounge in Yorkville, It was 45 $ per head. The tea selection and presentation was fantastic. Sandwiches and pastries were delicious too. And the service was very friendly and non-yorkville like.

      1. How about Red Tea Room in the coach house? Certainly better food. I think it's $25 a head. No booze tho (bring a flask!).

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          thanks for both these suggestions, however, given the occasion, i think a glass of some libation is in order.

        2. Hi LemonLauren.
          I haven't tried all of your options so my post will be of limited assistance, but for what it's worth: my mom and I loved the Windsor Arms. The food was great, service was impeccable and the tea was delish. I have heard that they have renovated since our experience and that the room is much less 'staid' ...
          I actually liked that the room and experience were so traditional.

          1. Went to the Windsor Arms for High Tea yesterday - would say that the reno in the actual tea room is very contemporary. Though I think you'd enjoy the Moroco Chocolat in Yorkville better from what I hear. If you book at the WA, make sure to ask for the inner (purple-draped) room, not the space converted from the main lobby.