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BBQ cleaning service in the GTA?

Hey all, I remember last year hearing of a BBQ cleaning company, maybe even multiple companies, that will pressure wash and clean your BBQ and all that.

Do they come to your house, or do you have to bring the BBQ to them? Because that would be impossible, for us.

If anyone knows of one of these services that come to YOUR BBQ let me know

I mean we normally just do it by hand, but everybody is busy these days, and when they aren't busy, they're tired.. just the way things go.. Also I assume you need some good de-greasers and other solutions.. so at this point we're willing to just pay someone for annual maintenance

Thanks in advance!


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  1. http://www.barbequepro.com/

    These guys have been around for a while...haven't used them myself but I know of folks who have and were satisfied...

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    1. re: tochowchick

      oh awesome, looks like exactly what im looking for

      thanks alot!

    2. We have used the BBQ Guys (http://www.thebbqguys.com/) in the past, always done a great job.

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      1. re: lcohen999

        oh awesome, they look great too

        i will have to compare now.

        thanks very much!

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          We've used the BBQ Guys, too, and our 12-year-old Weber looks brand-new when they're done. They work on-site and also do repairs when necessary.

        2. We have used the bbq guys for the past 9 years, and we have neighbours who used the bbq pro and now we all use the bbq guys. We are very impressed with the process The BBq GUys uses, it is remarkable how the bbq looks and works after they are through, My Husband pressure washed our Cottage bbq and it looked nothing like the BBQ Guys job, so they come to our Cottage now too, it is nice to have a new BBQ each year at a cleaning price.

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            What is the price, roughly, if I may ask? for a complete cleaning

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              It depends on the type and size of your BBQ. Our weber has been cleaned by the BBQ Guys a number of times and I believe the cost is roughly $150. They do an excellent job and it looks like new once they are done.

          2. I've heard of this service but now that I read it here, it'd probably be a great idea to get some rehab for my 8-yo 'que.
            It sounds like what the bbq guys and bbq pros do are pretty much the same, tho the pro's website make it sound like they do a complete restoration. Does anyone know?

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            1. re: neighborguy

              that had me a little confused as well, since the "Pros" seem to emphasize it on their site

            2. OK just scheduled a cleaning with The BBQ Guys via the form on their website... looking forward to their response

              Thanks again everyone, will report back with how good of a job they do

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              1. re: duckdown

                What was the verdict duckdown? Trying to decide between the 2 myself.

                1. re: duckdown

                  Not sure if you saw my last reply - wondering what you thought of the BBQ cleaning... still need to schedule one, and wondered what your experience was like.

                  1. re: RRH

                    I used the BBQ guys last year. Their price was right and they did a fantastic job cleaning the BBQ. They were very thorough. They even detected a problem with the burner that resulted in the uneven heating I was experiencing. I give these guys a big thumbs up.

                    It was through this thread that I found them. Thanks fellow CH'ers.

                    1. re: cynalan

                      Thanks so much for sharing - appreciated! I gotta get on that cleaning!

                    2. re: RRH

                      Indeed I missed your last reply sorry.

                      They came to my house with a whole little portable trailer and cleaning rig. It was a little expensive but worth it I think. They even cleaned my external thermometer which I keep on the warming rack to monitor the ambient temperature inside the BBQ, and it was completely coated and gunked up, so I applaud that.. I will do it every couple years from now on. The only downside was that they couldn't fix my electric igniter without ordering some kind of special part.. It's a pretty common problem and should have been an easier fix so I'm surprised they didn't have the piece on them. They had to make a second return visit to fix it. But yes, overall, we were definitely happy with the work they did and will be calling them again!

                      cheers :)

                      1. re: duckdown

                        Glad to hear about your good experience, duckdown.

                        Is the price still around $150? Even tho a decent new bbq is only around $350 I'd still like to tidy up our 9 y-o 'que, on which I've replaced the burner once already.

                        1. re: neighborguy

                          Bumping this thread - was quoted $180 + tax to clean/restore our 3-burner bbq - this is a 7 year old bbq and we've never had this done before. We don't want to replace the bbq - still, it feels a bit on the steep side - everyone still loving these guys?

                        2. re: duckdown

                          Thanks duckdown - will be making a reservation today. :-)

                    3. dixon home hardware at avenue/wilson.

                      1. I had a pretty brutal experience with www.bbqguys.com. My service was scheduled for a Tuesday, I get home from work, nothing was done. I called twice and finally got to speak to a human being, apparently their truck was broken and they could not complete the service. I can only assume their phone was broken too because no one ever thought to call me. We re-scheduled my appointment for Friday. I get home Friday and once again my BBQ was untouched. No phone calls either. I am really starting to wonder if the BBQ Guys even exist or have any trucks, or they really don't want to clean my BBQ. I would be very leery of using their on-line booking service, they seem painfully unorganized. My advice is to use a company that actually cleans BBQ's.

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                        1. re: peteless73

                          That's not what I like to hear. Believe me this was a very real company when I used them two years ago. Now with your post here I am skeptical to call them again..

                          1. re: peteless73

                            Why don't you give these guys a try...they've been around quite a while...


                            1. re: peteless73

                              I booked these guys for a job and they didn't show. I called twice during the day to get an update, no one was there to pick up the phone. Called them later in the evening and they gave the excuse that the truck that was supposed to take care of me had an oil leak. However, they didn't have the courtesy to return my earlier calls and would they have even bothered following up with me?

                              Completely unacceptable given the fact that I booked this appointment a month ago.

                            2. Good Review:

                              we used bbqguys. They did a competent job initially but did not fix identified problems (burner not functioning) altho alerted by us.

                              When we expressed concern, all additional repairs required were completed asap. Not only that, they discovered recalls on both the upper and lower buckets (?) saving us a bundle!

                              I think they may hurt from seasonal help, but they will fix any inadequacies immediately and with a smile They do have pride in workmanship and I would not hesitate to retain them.


                                1. re: Danybear

                                  BBQ Guys didn't show up for our scheduled appointment either....which had been booked weeks in advance! I only chose them cause they were cheaper than Barbeque Pro however friends of mine use them every year. I sucked it up and called them for an appointment, at least they offer the choice to be on a cancellation list. My BBQ looks amazing! The best thing is they are a legitimate business with an actual office and departments.....not some guy answering his cell from a pick up. Thumbs up to Barbeque Pro....well worth the extra $10!!

                                2. Sobies at Willowdale Avenue and Sheppard. They know what they're doing, been there for yeas.