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May 18, 2009 03:58 PM

Best neighbourhoods for takeout?

I am a native New Yorker banished for too long to a small Canadian city where there aren't more than five restaurants that cause my pulse to quicken even slightly in anticipation. I'll be in NY for a week mid-Summer with my wife and two kids, and since one of my kids has severe food allergies, and my wife, perhaps sanely, is resistant to eating at restaurants with our young kids, we may end up with a lot of takeout while I cook stuff for the kids (we will be in a yet-to-be-selected apartment with a kitchen).

I love food, just about all types, so long as it's well made, with a special weakness for things with spice and heat. So which neighborhoods should I consider to call home for a week? What are the stellar take-out or delivery choices in each? And what take-out dishes can bring a bit of the sublime to someone who has been suffering from restaurant withdrawal for more than a decade?

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  1. I think that in Manhattan, the best neighborhoods for takeout/delivery are probably Chinatown, Lower East Side/East Village, and Hell's Kitchen (9th Av. and further west), but there are also some good options around Curry Hill and Koreatown. Once you know where you're staying, do a search of this board under those search terms and then ask further questions.