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May 18, 2009 03:15 PM

Affordable meals in SF ($5-$25)

Hi, a friend and I are going up to SF this weekend, and we would love to experience the food that made SF such a foodie town. Only thing is, we'd like to keep prices to less than $15 for lunch and less than $25 for dinner per person (not including alcohol).

The places that I've tried and loved are: Delfina, Bar Tartine, Gregoire's (in Berkeley), and The House of Nan King (chinese). Unmemorable restaurants: Grand Cafe, Chez Panisse Cafe, and a couple others.

We can do anything (seafood, chinese, french, continental, mediterranean, etc.) except mexican and japanese, for which I think LA is unbeatable.

I know there are a TON of restaurants I'd love to try (Zuni, Coi) but the challenge is finding hole in the walls that still serve amazing food.

If any of you have suggestions, I'd really appreciate it!

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  1. Try Limon Rotisserie for delicious and cheap rotisserie chicken with side dishes, as well as small plates. 20th & S. Van Ness.

    1. Try this, the SF Chron's annual Bargain Bites, loads of info on the cheaper end:

      1. If you "loved" House of Nanking, I don't think I can top that.