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May 18, 2009 02:51 PM

Italian Markets in South Florida

Which is the better of the two: Doris or Laurenzo's? Or are there some other ones you could recommend?

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  1. Definitely Laurenzo's. If only they would clean up their act!!!

    1. You can always try macalusos too.

      1. Doris' by far. A couple of weeks ago I was at both of them. Laurenzo's selection is more varied with other ethnic food available but Doris' has the best Italian selection and better prices - and cleaner! I was at the Doris' on Pines blvd but my favorite is still the original Hlwd Blvd location. You can't beat the aromas that come out of there. That said you should also check out Ginos around 58th and Johnson St. in Hlwd. Great meat and prices and a beautiful bakery in the back. They have all the traditional italian pastries and cookies and their bread is well above average. Out of the three I'd rate Laurenzo's last and depending on what you need it's a toss-up with the other two.

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          I'll just say I drive by Doris' on my way home every day and I drive to NMB to Laurenzo's when I need olive oil, balsamic, pasta, and almost everyhing Italian that I can't find at Doris'. And, as far as prices, for my "staples" I find Doris' much higher. I guess it depends on what you're buying.

        2. Fernanda's International Market
          3045 N Federal Hwy
          Fort Lauderdale, FL 33306

          I know it's not in South Florida, but if you don't mind mail order check out A.G. Ferrari .

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            I can't believe no one has mentioned Mimi's Ravioli in Hollywood. They have the best fresh salted mozzarella I have ever tasted and I'm Italian, born and raised in Brooklyn!

            Mimi's Ravioli
            5714 Johnson St, Hollywood, FL

            1. re: Skeeta

              I like the fresh ravioli's at mimi's

          2. Marios on Atlantic and Military, Great Butcher and products