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May 18, 2009 02:23 PM

Best tasting menu in Austin?

My wife and I are coming back to Austin after a nearly four-year hiatus since moving away to the east coast. During our visit, we're interested in feasting on a tasting menu with wine pairings. I've read mixed reviews about the tasting menus/pairings at the Driskill Hotel, Uchi, Wink, and Zoot. What do you recommend? I'd prefer to stick around $150 max per person, including tip and have at least 5 courses. We're staying downtown and would prefer something somewhat nearby. We will have a rental car as needed.

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  1. Jezebel on Congress is my pick

    1. We've tried vegetarian tasting menus at Zoot (3 times), Aquarelle (1), Wink (3), Restaurant Jezebel (1), and Uchi (1). I found Uchi to be both the best value (~$50/person) and the most inventive. The chefs were clearly making up the later courses (8 total including dessert) on the fly as they didn't share anything in common with items on the menu. They surprised both of us since we don't eat fish and they really made some memorable dishes, particularly since it is a sushi restaurant.

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        Keep in mind if you head to Uchi that although the veg. tasting menu might be $50/person, the regular tasting menu is about $90-110/person.

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          We just had the vegetarian tasting menu at Uchi last night and it was amazing. We did about 6 courses and it was closer to $30 a person. Like ebloom said, the chefs made lots of great new dishes on the fly. The grilled cantaloupe with shaved fennel and garlic chips was particularly memorable.

      2. Hudson's On The Bend hasa 7 course menu for $130, $200 wih wine pairings.