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Where can I buy alphabet pasta?

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I used to buy my alphabet pasta from Albertson's. However, since it became Lucky's, I'm having a hard time tracking this down. Does anyone know where I can buy this? I've tried Safeway's and TJ's but no dice. Thanks!

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  1. probably any larger Mexican grocery store will have it. .they have all the pastas in the little bags.. . stars, melon, fideo and usually alphabets as well - I think the brand name is La Morena. . .and another one. . which I can't remember but the packaging is red.

    1. Berkeley Bowl definitely has some. I think that Whole Foods has at least one brand.

      1. Think I saw some at Raleys/Nob Hill a while back

        1. Trader Joe's does still make it. Just call the branch and check.

          1. In my Lucky's (Alameda) it's in the Mexican foods aisle.

            1. Potrero Safeway has it in the little bags.

              1. just was at Smart & Final on Int'l Blvd. and they have it in 3 packs - La Moderna brand

                  1. Rainbow Grocery may have it in bulk. You could try calling them.

                    Rainbow Grocery
                    1745 Folsom St, San Francisco, CA 94103