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May 18, 2009 01:40 PM

CAV vs Mill's Tavern in Providence

My husband and I are looking for a restaurant in Providence to celebrate our birthdays this Saturday night. I was lucky enough to get a reservation at both of the restaurants above. Now I can't decide which one to cancel. I would appreciate any feedback (good and bad) for both restaurants. We are hoping for an evening of great food, service and ambience. Any advice is appreciated.


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  1. For a truly special meal, I would not recommend CAV. It's pretty, but the food is spotty at best and the service is average. A nice place for a bite once in a while, but if you're looking for something extraordinary, look elsewhere.

    1. We have been loving Chez Pascal lately. Perfect for a birthday!

      1. Of those choices, I'd go with Mill's (bad experience at CAV has soured me).