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Chowllenge: What to call a patty with fillers?

When a meat-mixture patty served on a bun is called a burger, many foodies object, wanting the term "burger" to mean a patty of plain meat or meat mixed with minimal seasoning/additions, not much more than onion or garlic, and perhaps cheese. Others want to call a meatloaf mixture cooked in patties a burger. Turkeyburgers are almost always meatloaf-like, since they are too lean to hold together without binders. This could be resolved if the culinary lexicon had a generally-accepted term for a patty made from a protein plus binders including egg and starch. After all, it's a crab cake, not a crab burger. But beefcake has a whole other definition. Patty refers to shape rather than content. Croquettes CAN be patty-shaped, but are most often breaded and deep-fried. The German/Nordic frikadelle is a meatloaf mix sauteed in patty form, but most Americans are unfamiliar with the term, and even when it's defined, think it sounds like a swear word.

If there's already a word for this, it's not widely known. So, a chowllenge (challenge) - Can we dig up or think up, agree on, and popularize a word for the patty with binders? A better term would also be helpful in describing the patty when it's served as the meat part of a typical meat/starch/vegetable dinner, since "burger" connotes something on a bun. .

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  1. why not just stick with patty?

    1. I don't have a suggestion for you on this topic, greyg, but I will be very interested to see if anyone comes up with some interesting ideas!

      1. I have been misled many times with "Krab delight". How about "Kow delight"?

        1. How about a "blurger"? (To steal Tina Fey's word...) A blended burger= a blurger.

          1. A hamburger "pâtté"?
            A loafer or loaflet?
            Meat pudding?