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May 18, 2009 01:09 PM

Where in Arran ?

Am spending four days in Arran in June

Looking for recs for

1. Dinner - good quality fish/ bistro/ gastropub stuff will be fine - nowhere too posh unless it's a 'must eat'
2. Lunch - open to suggestions but a great view as well as great food preferred
3. Places to pick up picnic food, and
4. The best local brews

Thanks for any help you can give.

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  1. Um, you are aware of the size of Arran presumably? Although a beautifiul island it is rather quiet, though the Creelers smokehouse there is well regarded - they may have a cafe attached.

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      1. re: PhilD

        More than that really - just to name a few, there's:
        Lochranza Hotel
        Corrie Hotel
        Catacol Bay Hotel
        Maybe they wouldn't set the world on fire but when I've been to them, the food has been yummy comfort food (or slightly higher) and reasonable IMHO.

        Also, there's Bar Eden in Whiting Bay, food a bit more upscale but not expensive:

        I'm sure there is a Creelers restaurant but I've never been. The food at Auchrannie near Brodick has been good when we've been for lunch, good veggie selection.

        There's a Chinese in Whiting Bay whose name escapes me, and an excellent Indian which I swear travels around the island at will... it was in the Aldersyde in Lamlash last time we were there, but I see that's shut now so no idea where they'll land next :(

        For lunch, the tearoom at Pirnmill (north side of the island) has been good when we've been, and the Co-op in Brodick is surprisingly well stocked for a wee market! The cheese shop near Creelers (outside Brodick) has some fab local cheeses for a picnic.

        And you have to try Arran Blonde while you're there (and do a brewery tour, as well as a distillery tour in Lochranza)... great stuff :


        Can you tell this is my fave place in the world...

        1. re: Scotpaulabear

          Where best to sample Arran Blonde. Someone told me Brodick bar is good but when you Google it there is a site slagging the place off, and particularly the owner ! Any experience of it ?

          We are staying in Brodick in on one night and then Whiting Bay for 3 so any more recs close to there would be great.

          1. re: willowan

            Brodick bar is excellent. Would highly recommend it. Also at the foot of Goatfell, there is a winebar, which is also good and owned by the same folk who owns Brodick Bar.
            I saw someone recommend creelers..we thought it would be nice, but the decor looked like something out of the 60's and in the height of summer it was not busy, so we took cue and left.
            We were there for a week in June last year, so creelers might have had an upgrade!
            Also Bar Eden looked lovely, but it was completely desserted at lunchtime.

    1. I can't recommend anywhere (how helpful is that?) but I do have fond memories of an untrained lass behind a (Lochranza) hotel bar who would pour single malt whisky till you said 'when'. She was sacked after 3 days but this was about 25 years ago so someone may have offered her a new bar job by now.